April 20, 2021

Three Missing Days


Three Missing Days, by Colleen Coble, completes her Pelican Harbor series!

Jane and Reid are yet again caught-up in trying to solve a murder.  Unfortunately, this time there is a complicating factor.  Their son, Will, is the one accused of being the culprit!

As Chief of Police, Jane Hardy, does all she can to prove her son's innocence, your heart goes out to this woman just recently reunited with her son.  When individuals from the cult Jane and Reid were raised in suddenly show up, they discover this group is up to no good!

Hold on for the conclusion to this fast-moving tale.  You will finally learn the name of the actual culprit, and what happened on those three days that are missing from Jane's memory!

I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

April 14, 2021

Blackberry Beach


Blackberry Beach, by Irene Hannon, will introduce you to Zach Garrett.  Zach is the owner of the Perfect Blend coffee shop and this location allows him to keep an eye out on what is happening in Hope Harbor, Oregon.  Currently, he has his eye on a mysterious woman who keeps showing up at his door.  This woman seems afraid of something; however, Zach has no clue what it could be!

After the chaos she left behind, Katherine Parker is simply looking for calm.  You wonder if she will find it in Hope Harbor.  Zach has a secret himself that he is keeping under wraps.  In the past two years, Zach has built a new life for himself and has no desire to return to his old world!

This is an interesting tale, as you explore the lives of Zach and Katherine and get a glimpse of the peace they are both seeking!

April 7, 2021

Hooked on You


Hooked on You, by Kathleen Fuller, is a tale set in the small town of Maple Falls, Arkansas.  Riley McAllister has not been home in ten years; however, when she learns her grandma Mimi has broken a leg and needs assistance, Riley cannot stay away, no matter how much she wants to!

Riley cannot believe it, when she learns that Mimi has sent Hayden Price to pick her up at the airport.  Hayden was one of the reasons that Riley left Maple Falls and never looked back!

Now that Riley is back in Maple Falls, it is interesting to see everything in which she becomes involved. She cleans up Mimi's house, as well as Mimi's crafting store, Knot's and Tangles, with Hayden's help.  However, everything gets upended when after thirteen years,Riley's mother suddenly walks back into her life!

Hang on for the explosive conclusion to this tale! 

April 1, 2021

Bookshop by the Sea


Bookshop by the Sea is the latest tale from Denise Hunter.  Following family trauma, which included her mother's health failing and her father walking away, Sophie Lawson must put her dreams on hold in order to help her siblings move forward with their own lives!

Now, it is time for Sophie to focus on her dream of opening a bookstore in a small town by the sea.  First, she must take part in her sister Jenna's wedding.  Sophie cannot believe it when she comes face-to-face with the best man.  It is none other than her former boyfriend, Aiden Maddox.  Although they experienced a rough break-up years ago, you sense their old feelings are still close to the surface!

When a hurricane threatens the area, Sophie and Aiden end up riding out the storm together.  Soon, after the storm hits, Sophie sprains her ankle and Aiden decides to delay his trip home to help Sophie prepare her bookshop for its grand opening!

Hang on to see if Aiden and Sophie are able to overcome the same issues that initially ended their relationship.   Hopefully, they can find a new place to safely land!

I received an e-copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

March 28, 2021

Fortune Favors the Sparrow


Fortune Favors the Sparrow is the latest tale from Rebecca Connolly.  Clara Harlow has been quietly teaching art and French at a girls finishing school located in the countryside of England.  She is suddenly approached to consider adding to her work activity.  Clara is offered a chance to use her skills as an actual spy for England!

When Clara's first mission leads her to a secondary home of the Duke of Kirklin, she is surprised when the Duke, better known as Hawk, suddenly shows up.  Hawk, a confirmed bachelor, with nothing to do, has decided to visit his properties and try getting his hands dirty with actual work!

Hawk is surprised himself, when he comes face to face with Clara.  It is interesting to see how Clara and Hawk interact in the midst of her spying activity.  You wonder how long Clara will be able to keep her alternate life a secret from Hawk!

This is a fun tale to follow.  Definitely a must-read!

March 22, 2021

The Nature of a Lady


The Nature of a Lady, by Roseanna M. White, is a tale set in the early 1900s.  Lady Elizabeth Sinclair is looking to escape her brother's attempts to marry her off.  Her lady's maid, Mabena, has the perfect solution.  A summer vacation on the isle of St. Mary's: a favorite vacation spot for many in the upper class!

From the moment Elizabeth (Libby) sets foot on this island, mysteries seems to flourish.  First, the cottage that Libby rented has been recently abandoned by another Elizabeth (Beth) and this woman is now missing.  Next, she meets Oliver Tremayne, a local clergyman who has come to the island to discover the whereabouts of his sister, Beth.  Libby had met Oliver earlier in her life and found in him a kindred-spirit.  You soon get the sense that this spirit is still alive and thriving!

This is an interesting tale to follow, as these three make their way around the islands looking for Beth.  You will learn a lot of interesting truths about all three by the end of this tale!

I received an e-copy of this book from netgalley.com.

March 15, 2021

Present Danger


Present Danger, by Elizabeth Goddard, is another tale full of action and suspense as you watch Jack Tanner and Terra Connors attempt to discover who is responsible for the deaths that keep occurring in the national forest!

With all the time that Jack and Terra are spending together, you begin to wonder if their former relationship will suddenly spring back to life.  However, Terra can barely take it when the evidence begins to point back at her own family!

When the investigation begins to focus on a tragic accident that occurred fifteen years ago killing Terra's mother, Jack and Terra are not sure which way to look for answers.  The final pages of this book get extremely complicated when you learn that one of the main characters is not who you think he is!

This is definitely a tale you do not want to miss!

I received this book  from Revell in exchange for my honest review.