July 18, 2018

A Defense of Honor

On the opening pages of Kristi Ann Hunter's latest tale, A Defense of Honor, you are introduced to the main characters in this tale, Katherine "Kit" FitzGilbert and Graham, Lord Warton.  Kit is a young woman who has left the London social scene to focus on caring for illegitimate children, who have sadly been left as orphans.  Graham is a wealthy young man, who is looking for something of value to fill the hours of his life, other than gambling and dancing his days away.  Watch and see what these two young people find!

When Graham meets a beautiful woman in the shadows of a London ballroom, you have no idea what will happen next.  Graham leaves the room with only her name, Kit, and no idea where he can find her again!

Graham soon leaves town to help a friend try to locate his sister, who is pregnant and has been sent off by their father.  When Graham goes off searching through some woods, outside the village where they are staying, he soon finds two young children in need of help.  When he takes the children back to their home, he suddenly sees children pop up everywhere, as well as the three women who are caring for them.  Surprisingly one of them is Kit!

The start of this tale is a bit slow; however, once Graham encounters Kit and the children, the story moves a bit faster.  As you see God working in both of Graham and Kit's lives, you will soon see a solution come to light about how to best care for these young lives!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

July 12, 2018

Loving Lieutenant Lancaster

I was so excited when I discovered that Sarah M. Eden's latest novel, Loving Lieutenant Lancaster, was available for purchase.  I was even more excited when I found out that two of Sarah's well-known series, The Lancaster Family and The Jonquil Family, were beautifully brought together in this tale!

As you are re-introduced to many characters from Sarah's previous tales, you will also meet two new characters from these two families, Linus Lancaster and Arabella Hampton.  Watch and see if these two will ever form a bond by the final page!

You definitely do not want to miss this one!

July 7, 2018

A Rumored Fortune

The soon-to-be released, A Rumored Fortune, is the latest from Joanna Davidson Politano.  I was excited to get an early look at Joanna's newest book!

There are many mysteries contained in this tale.  It begins with the death of Tressa Harlowe's father, Josiah.  His body is never found, only his empty boat floating close to shore.  Next, Tressa and her mother must somehow locate where her father's fortune has been hidden.  They have debts and employees to pay!

Tressa starts searching for the missing fortune with the help of Donegan Vance, her father's newest manager for his vineyard.  They must not only attempt to find where the fortune is hidden, they also must hold at bay the hoard of relatives and opportunists, who want to get their hands on the money!

This tale was a bit more laborious to read than her first book, Lady Jane Disappears; however, in the end, this latest book is worth the read!

I received a copy to read and review from Netgalley.com.

July 2, 2018

The House at Saltwater Point

The House at Saltwater Point is the latest from Colleen Coble.  This suspense will have your attention from the opening pages of the book.  As you watch Ellie Blackmore work on her latest house flip, you have no idea she is soon to discover a terrible scene about her sister MacKenzie.  Instead of Mac meeting Ellie on her rebuilt sailboat, Ellie discovers the deck of Mac's boat covered in Mac's blood!

Ellie does not know which way to turn.  She cannot believe that her sister is dead.  Ellie soon teams up with Coast Guard intelligence officer, Grayson Bradshaw, to further investigate the situation.  Unfortunately, Grayson agrees with many in town, that Mac is most likely dead!

This is a fast-paced tale that will have you moving quickly through the pages to discover the truth.  What is happening in this small town along the coast of Washington and is Mac truly dead or is she still alive?

As with all of Colleen Coble's books, she will have you hooked from page one!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

June 25, 2018

Miss Serena's Secret

Carolyn Miller's newest book is entitled Miss Serena's Secret.  You are introduced to Serena Winthrop, as she is finishing up her schooling at a seminary for young ladies.  Serena has enjoyed her time at the school, especially focusing on her love of art; unfortunately, her art instructor seems to have something else in mind.  When he begins to make small inappropriate acts, Serena is suddenly afraid!

After Serena's brother-in-law, Jon Winthrop, enters the scene and has the instructor immediately dismissed, she feels safe again.  However, when Serena finally leaves the school and must once again enter the world, she finds she has developed a fear of any man unknown to her!

When Serena's brother-in-law invites his best friend, Henry, Lord Carmichael, to visit his home, Jon also asks Henry to treat Serena as he would treat his own sister.  After Henry makes this promise, he has no idea what time spent with Serena will bring!

As you see Serena renew her love of art and Henry learn to change his ways of womanizing and gambling to focus on improving his family's estate, you will see God at work in both of their lives!

This latest addition to Carolyn Miller's series is not as fast-paced as her previous books; however, you will still read a clean romance, full of hope for both Serena and Henry's futures!

I received a copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for my unbiased review.

June 21, 2018

The Orphan's Wish

In Melanie Dickerson's latest tale, The Orphan's Wish, you will meet Aladdin, a young boy whose home is in the Holy Land.  After his mother dies, Aladdin soon finds himself being transported by a kindly priest, from the only world he has ever known to Hagenheim, Germany, many, many miles away.  Aladdin, though considered a poor orphan, is soon befriended by Lady Kirstyn, the daughter of a wealthy family, in this new world that is slowly becoming his new home!

As you watch these two young people frolic as they explore the world around them, you will find that their idyllic life will soon change, when Aladdin decides that he must move on to find a way to improve his standing in the world!

When Aladdin encounters a wealthy man, who takes him under his wing to help him save and build-up his business, Aladdin thinks he has found a way to build his own personal wealth, as well.  When Aladdin learns that Kirstyn has been kidnapped, he moves his focus from gaining his own wealth to searching high and low for the whereabouts of his dear childhood friend!

This story is based on a well known fairy tale; however, in this re-telling, you will see Aladdin and Kirstyn learn to lean on and trust God to bring them through some difficult circumstances!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

June 18, 2018

Together Forever

In Together Forever by Jody Hedlund, you will meet Marianne Neumann, shortly after she has started working with the Children's Aid Society.  Marianne will be a placement agent on a train full of orphans from New York City, looking to find a new family in the farmland of Illinois.  Her heart wants to help these young ones looking for a home; however, Marianne's main desire is to try to locate her younger sister, Sophie, who has gone missing on the mean streets of New York City!

Marianne soon meets Andrew ('Drew') Brady, her fellow agent, on this first trip.  As Marianne and Drew work together to place these orphans in new homes, they begin to form a friendship, that also has promise to grow into something more!

When this group dwindles to the point of only one orphan left to place, something terrible occurs.  One of the original orphans winds up missing!  Hang on until the final page, when the truth of what occurred finally comes to light!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.