March 12, 2018

Winning Miss Winthrop

Carolyn Miller's newest series, Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope, begins with a tale entitled Winning Miss Winthrop.  You will meet Catherine Winthrop as she is visiting the tenants farms on her family's land.  Sadly, when she returns home, she finds a scene she never imagined.  Her father has passed away unexpectedly!

Because there is no male heir, Catherine, her mother and her sister find themselves in a place of uncertainty.  Catherine's world becomes even more uncertain when she realizes her father has not left his family any money, but instead a pile of unpaid bills!

Following the funeral, the new heir is revealed: Jonathan Carlow!  Jonathan is a self-made man, who unknown to Catherine had made an offer for her hand in marriage and had been rejected by her father.  However, because of his connection to the family, as a third cousin, Jonathan will now be the head of the Winthrop family!

It has been three years since Catherine and Jonathan have seen each other, so you will feel the iciness when they finally meet again.  Will Catherine and Jonathan ever be able to forgive the hurt and rejection they feel from the other?

Hang on to see if and when this relationship will finally be restored.  You know it can only happen by the grace of God!

I received a copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for my unbiased review.

March 9, 2018

The Lacemaker

The latest from Laura Frantz is entitled The Lacemaker.  This book contains an exciting tale concerning the early days in America. When weathy Lady Elisabeth Lawson suddenly finds herself abandoned by her father and her friends, on the streets of Williamsburg, she must make a decision: will she stay true to the King of England or will she strike out on her own and follow the rebel Patriots in their search for freedom?

Noble Rynallt, a leader amongst the Patriots, is one of the few who steps up to befriend the royal Elisabeth.  After Noble initially provides a safe place for Elisabeth to live, she decides to move out on her own, to make her own way in the world.  Elisabeth decides to take up the craft of lace making, a skill that she was taught as a young girl!

Once Elisabeth is finally able to settle herself into this new way of living, the Patriot leadership come asking her to perform some dangerous work: they want her to spy on her father and his colleagues!

Watch and see how Elisabeth and Noble respond to this task, that has been set before her!

March 4, 2018

Romancing Daphne

Romancing Daphne, by Sarah M.Eden, is a recent addition to her Lancaster Family series.  Daphne is the third daughter in the Lancaster clan; however, she is the quiet one, who wants to hide away from the world.  At the age of eighteen, Daphne is entering her first season, into the crazy world that is London, England. As she takes her first steps out to interact with the public, Daphne runs into James Tilburn, the man she has been dreaming about since she was twelve years old; unfortunately, James seems to have no memory of ever meeting Daphne!

This is an interesting tale to follow, as you will learn what has caused Daphne to fear being left alone in the world and you will see James find the way to finally capture Daphne's heart!

February 26, 2018


Keturah is the latest book by Lisa T. Bergen. The year is 1773, and Lady Keturah Banning-Thomlinson and her two sisters, Verity and Selah, await word from their father. He has traveled to the West Indies to care for the family plantation; however, when they finally receive word, the sisters learn their father has died!

Keturah decides that she must travel to the West Indies herself, in an attempt to save both the plantation and their home in Rivenshire, Engand. Her sisters decide to travel with Keturah, as well. Keturah's childhood friend, Gray Covington, had already planned to travel to the Indies, and offers to act as a protector to these three young ladies. After Keturah's horrible marriage experience, she decides she wants nothing to do with any man, even Gray!

After these travellers arrive safely in the Carribbean, they find a world beyond their imagination and they have no idea how to deal with this new situation. As you watch the Banning sisters slowly adjust to their new world, you will also see the friendship between Keturah and Gray slowly mend and begin to grow into something more!

Hold on for this crazy ride, as you watch the men on the island fight against a woman trying to get a failing plantation running again. As the Banning sisters walk through a lot of hardships, watch them reach out to God to hold them fast!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

February 21, 2018

The Captive Heart

Michelle Griep's novel entitled The Captive Heart will take you on a journey, during the beginning days of our nation.  As you watch Eleanor Morgan, a former governess, who has traveled from London, England, to America to start a new life, you will see her struggle to adjust to a new lifestyle in this new world!  When she finally ends up married to Samuel Heath, in order to care for his young daughter, Eleanor soon learns that she will be living with him in the backwoods of South Carolina.  No more fine city living for her!

The year is 1770, as you walk with Eleanor and Samuel, and you will see a much different world than the one we are living in today.  It will make you appreciate the world our forefathers traveled through and the hardships they endured!

As Eleanor struggles with this new world, you wonder if she will be able to adjust to living with Samuel, a man who is more like the natives then any man she has ever known.  Hold on until the final page to see where she ends up!

Will Eleanor choose the fine living in the city or the roughness and beauty of the backwoods?

February 15, 2018

For Love or Honor

For Love or Honor is the latest book in Sarah M. Eden's The Jonquil Family series.  As with all of the books by Sarah Eden that I have read, this was a very clean and proper tale.  The main difference is that this tale had a much darker tale to tell.  The year is 1815, and Stanley Jonquil is returning on a medical leave, from his time overseas fighting in the Napoleonic wars.  Stanley is not returning the upbeat and jolly man that he had been when he left; instead, Stanley is a man with damaged limbs and a spirit that had lost all hope!

Marjie is the young woman whom Stanley left behind, and whom has not received one word from this soldier, to even know if he is still alive.  Marjie and Stanley's entire family are shocked, when he suddenly shows up in London.  As Stanley and his family retire to their country estate (in hopes that Stanley will find some much needed healing), everyone soon find that his injuries are much deeper than what can be seen on the surface!

Hold on to see when and how healing will finally come to Stanley's soul!

This was yet again a great read from Sarah Eden.  I hope you do not miss it!

February 9, 2018

On Love’s Gentle Shore

On Love’s Gentle Shore is the 3rd book in Liz Johnson’s Prince Edward Island Dreams series.  You will see Natalie O’Ryan, as she is returning to Prince Edward Island after a fifteen year absence.  Her fiance, Russell Jacobs, thought she would be excited to return to the island for her wedding; unfortunately, this is the last place on earth that Natalie would select!

From the moment that Natalie takes her first step back onto the island, her mind is filled with the memories of the abuse she suffered, from both of her parents, in this place!  Not only does Natalie have to deal with several islanders putting roadblocks in her attempts to make plans for her wedding, but she also needs to make amends with her best friend, Justin Cade, whom she has had no contact with in the past fifteen years!

As Justin attempts to help Natalie with her planning, in the absence of her fiance; their friendship seems to be blooming again.  However, when Natalie's father's face suddenly appears on the scene; you have no idea what will take place next.  Hang on for this wild ride to see if this wedding ever comes together, and if Natalie is finally able to forgive her father for the pain and suffering he allowed to touch her world!