December 13, 2017

All This Time

In All This Time, the final book in Melissa Tagg's series centered around the Walker Family, you will see both Raegan Walker and Bear McKinley handle some harsh realities from their pasts.  Raegan must deal with all she has internalized following her mother's death, and Bear must deal with all that has been left in the wake of his family's involvement in the illegal drug trade!

Watch and see how God will bring each through these hardships to find what He has in store for them on the other side!

December 7, 2017

You're Gonna Love Me

Robin Lee Hatcher's latest book is entitled You're Gonna Love Me.  Samantha Winters' learns that her beloved grandmother has fallen from her horse and is left with broken bones.  She immediately cashes in all of her vacation time and takes an extended leave from her job in order to care for her.  When Samantha leaves her big city life and winds up in the small town of Thunder Creek, Idaho, the last thing she expects to see is her former boyfriend Nick Chastain!

Two years previous, when Samantha and Nick ended their relationship, it was not on good terms, but rather it was full of harsh words.  Nick wanted to live his life full of taking chances; however, Samantha, as an accountant, was looking to keep her life full of safety and in control!

Wait and see if God has moved Samantha and Nick past their former fears and desires to a place where they will be able to build a life together!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

December 1, 2017

Out of the Ordinary

Jen Turano's latest tale tells the story of Miss Gertrude Cadwalader.  After Gertrude's parents both died when she was a young girl, she is left alone, depending on her extended family to get her through school.  Now that she is a young adult, Gertrude has had to take a job as a paid companion, in order to survive. Her employer, the wealthy Mrs. Davenport, is a rather eccentric woman, who has a strange habit of carrying off expensive items from the homes of the wealthy with whom they socialize.  Gertrude is left over and over to return these items to the owners, in secret!

The latest party that Gertrude and Mrs. Davenport are attending is on the yacht of the wealthy Sinclair family.  Gertrude has become a close friend to the young shipping magnate, Harrison Sinclair, so she is very nervous when Mrs. Davenport is suddenly missing and she cannot seem to track her down!

This book was a slower read than her previous books; however, by the last one hundred pages, the pace of the book picks up, as you discover what happened previously in Mrs. Davenport's life that brought about her current state!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

November 22, 2017

Sandpiper Cove

The third book in Irene Hannon's Hope Harbor series is entitled Sandpiper Cove.  You will meet Adam Stone when once again his property is vandalized.  Adam is an ex-con, who is looking to make something more of his life.  He was invited by Reverend Baker to consider Hope Harbor as a quiet town where he can start-over, once he is released from prison.  In an off-the-beaten-path cabin Adam has begun a new life; however, when Lexie Graham, Hope Harbor's police chief, shows up at his door-step to investigate this latest incident, Adam gets a nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach!

Lexie needs to get a handle on this crime spree that has hit her town; however, when she comes face-to-face with Adam Stone, she experiences a whole new set of feelings.  She does not have time to deal with having warm feelings toward an ex-con.  As Lexie slowly gets to know Adam, she learns of all of the positive actions he has taken to help those in need all around town.  When Lexie learns that her mother and her young son, Matt, have already befriended Adam at church, she knows her battle is lost!

After Lexie identifies one of the young men involved in the vandalism, she asks Adam to take on helping this young life avoid the path that led him to prison.  The other young man is the son of a wealthy family in town and they pull in their attorney to keep him out of jail.  When someone starts rumors that implicate Adam as being involved with the vandalism as well, he is surprised to see who  will come to his defense.  It is interesting to learn where everyone ends up, by the end of this tale!

November 14, 2017

Beneath a Prairie Moon

The latest from Kim Vogel Sawyer is entitled Beneath a Prairie Moon.  On the first page, you will learn that a lot of the men from Spiveyville, Kansas, are anxious to acquire some mail-order brides.  That is all except one!  Mack Cleveland, who runs the town hardware store, is intent on waiting for God to provide a wife for him.  After his father was swindled by a mail-order bride, he wants nothing to do with these Eastern women!

After her father's shady dealings caused her family to fall from their place in high society, Abigail Brantley has had to lower herself to work as an assistant at Bingham's Bevy of Brides.  Now Abigail must travel to Kansas to tutor a bunch of rough cowboys, in preparation to meet their mail-order brides. She has no idea what she will find once she arrives!

Wait until you see what Mrs. Bingham and Abigail encounter, when they inform these men that they must attend etiquette classes to prepare themselves for the brides, who are on their way!

 As you read through the pages of this tale, you soon get the sense that several of the men in town, who didn't sign up for a bride, may be heading down that path soon themselves!

I received this book from WaterBrook in exchange for my unbiased review.

November 11, 2017

Lady Jayne Disappears

In her debut novel, Lady Jayne Disappears, author Joanna Davidson Politano will take you back to the dark and ghoulish days of early 18th century England.  Many have compared this new author's writing style to that of Charles Dickens; however, in this book, you see the awesome hand of God, working in ways that you would never find in a tale of Dickens!

After living her entire life with her father in debtor's prison, Aurelia has a difficult time adjusting to her life, following her father's death. Wait until you see the havoc that will ensue, when Aurelia enters Lynhurst Manor, her late father's former home!

Aurelia secretly attempts to continue her late father's weekly fiction series, Lady Jayne Disappears, under his pen name Nathaniel Droll.  Aurelia finds herself in some very awkward and complicated situations as she slowly, piece-by-piece, begins to put together the tale of what happened to Jayne!

It will definitely be worth your time reading through the pages of this tale.  You will walk along the path with Aurelia and find out what truly happened to Lady Jayne!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

November 7, 2017

blue ridge sunrise

Denise Hunter's latest book is named, Blue Ridge Sunrise.  On the opening pages, you find Zoe Collins heading back to her hometown of Cooper Falls, Georgia, with her young daughter, Gracie. The reason for her return is, unfortunately, to attend her grandmother's funeral.  Zoe had left town five years ago, both to pursue her music career in Nashville and to hide the fact that she was pregnant!

Zoe soon learns that Cruz Huntley, a friend from her past, is managing the peach orchard, that her grandmother left to Zoe in her will.  In light of the fact that Zoe and Cruz would most likely be seeing each other on a daily basis, Zoe knows that she must reveal her secret to Cruz.  He is the father of her daughter, Gracie!  Once both Zoe and Cruz are able to handle this revelation, they find another problem waiting for them.  Due to the current financial state of the orchard, Zoe is planning to host a big sale at the local Peach Fest; however, as she looks out, over her property, one evening before the sale, she sees her barn ablaze. It is being consumed by fire!

As Zoe, Cruz and local officials attempt to discover who is at fault; unfortunately, they discover a man from Zoe's past whom she would rather forget.  Hold on, through this fast-paced ending, when you will discover who is attempting to bring Zoe to her knees!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.