January 15, 2018

A Dangerous Legacy

On the opening pages of Elizabeth Camden's recent book, A Dangerous Legacy, you will meet Lucy Drake and learn about the forty-year-old battle her family has been waging.  Lucy and her brother Nick simply want to learn the truth about whom in her family should have the rights to a newly developed valve that can easily provide the movement of water within a building.  This is a necessity in the businesses and homes of New York City.  Their uncle Thomas has claimed ownership of the valve and is currently living in the lap of luxury on what he has been overcharging people to have easy access to water.  Lucy and Nick have been spending their days between their day jobs and battling the family war out in the courtrooms of New York City!

Lucy is spending much of her days interpreting the Morse code that comes across her desk, at the Associated Press.  When she meets Sir Colin Beckwith, from the rival Reuters agency, she soon learns that they have more in common than just news.  They both bear the weight of heavy family responsibilities.  Lucy wants to provide water to all in the city, at a reasonable cost; while Colin feels the pressure of being able to cover the high costs of maintaining his ancestral home!

Hold on, as you will see Lucy attempt to fight her treacherous family, and Colin look for a rich source of funding to save his family home.  By the final page of this tale, you will be surprised to learn where each finds a solution to their problems!

January 11, 2018

The View from Rainshadow Bay

Colleen Coble has once again hit it of out of the park with her latest tale, The View from Rainshadow Bay.  You will follow Shauna McDade from the opening pages of this book.  Shauna and her five-year-old son, Alex are just trying to get through each day, after her husband, Jack, fell to his death in a climbing accident one year ago.  When Shauna's dear friends, Clarence and Lucy Glennons, suddenly show up dead, as well, Shauna has a suspicion that they have been murdered!

Shauna needs assistance solving their murders, so she reluctantly calls on Zach Bannister, her husband's best friend, the man Shauna feels is responsible for her husband's death.  As Shauna and Zach dig into the details surrounding the Glennons deaths, clues come to light that will take Shauna back to the days of her mother dying, in an earthquake when Shauna was only six years old!

This book is hard to put down as you press toward the answer to who was behind these murders and more importantly, why they happened in the first place.  You will be surprised when the answers finally come to light!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

January 8, 2018

The Dangers of Doing Good

The Dangers of Doing Good is the fourth book in Rebecca Connolly's Arrangements series.  You will cross paths with Duncan Bay while he is traveling through the wilds of Yorkshire, on his way back to London.  As Duncan leads his horse to some water, he suddenly stumbles upon a young woman lying wounded in a mound of snow.  When he happens upon her again the next day, Annie is covered in bruises that are even worse than before!  Duncan cannot help himself, but to offer Annie a way of escape!

Soon you find Duncan and Annie safely back in London, where he soon introduces her to his sister and his eccentric aunt.  Annie, a poor girl from the country, is embraced by Duncan's wealthy family to the point that she is named his aunt's companion!  As Annie is accepted by both Duncan's family and  his many friends, she cannot keep her mind from venturing back to the dark, abusive home she just left!

You wonder if Annie will be able to build a new life, among the glitz of London, when suddenly a face from her past shows up.  A man, whom she fears even more than her own brother, who actually beat her!  Hang on to see how Duncan and his friends attempt to protect Annie, from the danger of her former life!

January 1, 2018

Pelican Point

Pelican Point is the latest entry of Irene Hannon's Hope Harbor series.  Dr. Ben Harrison has just returned from the Middle East to attend his grandfather's funeral in Hope Harbor.  After the horrors that Ben saw in the war, he just wants to wrap up his grandfather's estate and move on to start his new job and build a new life.  The only problem is that he was not planning on running into the vivacious Marci Weber, who may turn his life upside down!

Not only is Ben attracted to Marci, the Hope Harbor Herald editor, but his grandfather has left him an old lighthouse, as his inheritance, that he has no idea what to do with other than to sell it!

Wait and see what happens when Marci tries to gear up an effort to save the lighthouse at all costs.  In the midst of all the activity surrounding the lighthouse, a face from Ben's past shows up to further complicate the situation!

This is an interesting tale that will take you on a journey.   You will learn of both the fears and the hardships from both Marci and Ben's past!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

December 28, 2017

The Ladies of Ivy Cottage

Julie Klassen’s latest book, The Ladies of Ivy Cottage, takes place in the year 1820, in the village of Ivy Hill, in Wiltshire, England.  This is a lively tale as you are introduced to three ladies in the village:  Miss Rachel Ashford, Mrs. Jane Bell and Miss Mercy Grove.  These women are each all trying their hand at running their own businesses, in this male dominated world. Rachel tries to open a circulating library, with all the books that she inherited from her father.  Jane Bell attempts to manage the inn, The Bell, left to her by her late husband.  Finally, Mercy Groves manages the girls school at Ivy Cottage, in the center of Ivy Hill!

It is interesting to see the complications that these women encounter as they attempt to make their businesses successful.  Each of these women, either meet or know men from their past with whom they hope will come to have an important place in their future.  Hang on to see who God will bring together by the final page!

This is a fun tale to read, as it is a bit reminiscent of Jane Austen's tales, written about the same time period!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

December 19, 2017

Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters is the latest book in Susan May Warren's Montana Rescue Series.  You will finally learn what  happens to Ian Shaw and Sierra Rose's relationship.  Will they return to boss and employee or will something deeper develop?

After the PEAK Rescue team loses their chopper in a severe accident in the mountains, Sierra takes it upon herself to gather a group of Ian's wealthy friends for a cruise on Ian's yacht in the Caribbean.  Ian will take this time to present his friends with a fundraising opportunity to attempt to save the PEAK team; unfortunately, this leisurely trip makes an abrupt change of course when they meet up with a hurricane!

Suddenly the PEAK team will be called in to locate and rescue some of their own.  Hang on to see what happens when secrets of the team are suddenly revealed through this process.  Will they depend on their own strength or look to God for help?

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

December 13, 2017

All This Time

In All This Time, the final book in Melissa Tagg's series centered around the Walker Family, you will see both Raegan Walker and Bear McKinley handle some harsh realities from their pasts.  Raegan must deal with all she has internalized following her mother's death, and Bear must deal with all that has been left in the wake of his family's involvement in the illegal drug trade!

Watch and see how God will bring each through these hardships to find what He has in store for them on the other side!