October 27, 2016

A Royal Christmas Wedding

 A Royal Christmas Wedding is the latest addition to Rachel Hauck's The Royal Wedding series.  The last you saw of Avery Truitt and Prince Colin was on the final pages of Once Upon a Prince, you assumed they were headed off with their individual lives; however, in this latest book, you find that Avery and Colin soon find themselves in the same space again, as Avery and her mother come to Brighton to spend the Christmas holiday.  You wonder if Avery and Prince Colin will find their own happily, ever after in each other's company!

When Avery first met Prince Colin five years ago, she was a seventeen-year-old girl experiencing the excitement of her first love; however, now after experiencing the death of her beloved father and the crash of her volleyball career, due to an injury, Avery definitely feels older and hopefully wiser.  All this seems to go up in smoke when she runs into Colin at a well-attended dance in Brighton, and Colin seems to be the one unable to catch his breath!

Hang on to your seat as you watch Colin in his attempt to reclaim Avery's heart.  It is a fun journey to the very last moment!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.

October 20, 2016

Wild Montana Skies

Wild Montana Skies begins Susan May Warren's latest series,  Montana Rescue.  After her recent overseas military tour, Kacey Faring is coming home to visit her daughter, Aubrey, and to get a few months reprieve before returning to her base in Florida; however, she has no idea that shortly after stepping into Mercy Falls, Montana, she will run into her former fiance, Ben King, now a huge country star!

Although Ben should be in Nashville trying to revamp his career, he has returned to his hometown to help his father, Chet King, recover after an accident has left him with two broken hips.  Chet had already hired a temporary pilot to fill in for him on the PEAK rescue team, and it is none other than Kacey Faring, the woman Ben walked away from thirteen years ago!  Soon Kacey and Ben are in action with the PEAK team, working together to rescue a group of teenagers trapped in the mountains.  Once the team has located the majority of the teens, they realize that two of the teens are still lost.  Kacey is surprised when she learns that one of the lost teens is her daughter, Aubrey, the child she has kept hidden from Ben all these years!

When you learn that neither Ben nor Aubrey have known any of the details of the other's life for the past thirteen years, you know that you will need to prepare for a lot of emotions and hopefully, a reconciliation by the final pages of this tale!

This is an interesting story, full of surprises, as it is relayed as only Susan May Warren can!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

October 16, 2016

Where Two Hearts Meet

Where Two Hearts Meet is the latest tale in Liz Johnson's series, Prince Edward Island Dreams.   When you meet Caden Holt, The Red Door Inn executive chef, her routine day is suddenly interrupted by a guest, Adam Jacobs.  He has arrived a day earlier than he was expected and there is no spot for him to lay his head!  When Caden and the inn's owner learn that a surprise writer will be coming to review their inn, they instantly suspect Adam, who told them that he is a writer himself.  Caden is tasked with showing Adam the sights and sounds of the island, to give him a positive experience of the inn's location!

While Caden and Adam visit the high points of Prince Edward Island, they seem to be slowly building a relationship, that is more than merely business-related; they are actually becoming friends!  As Adam opens up with the hard details of his past, Caden learns that Adam is not the secret writer they were expecting; but rather he is there to write a piece that could hurt the inn's owner, in a much more personal way!

Hold on to see where these characters end up by the final page!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

October 9, 2016

Keep Holding On

Keep Holding On is the latest entry to Melissa Tagg's Walker Family series.  While this book was not as easy to read as the earlier tales were, it is definitely worth the time to learn where Kit Danby and Beckett Walker find themselves at the end of this tale!

After several years away in the high paced world of London, England, Kit Danby has recently returned to her hometown of Maple Valley, Iowa, to check in with her family.  When she sees the state of her family's apple orchard, she knows she needs to roll up her sleeves and get to work.  Kit's father agrees to let her take charge of the orchard, if she is able to turn it around.  Life gets complicated for Kit when her childhood friend, Beckett Walker, suddenly shows up in town as well.  Beckett has taken a break from his work, as an attorney in Boston, to clear up a misunderstanding from his past in Maple Valley; unfortunately, the penalty for this indiscretion turns into hours of community service for Beckett to fulfill!

About 100 pages from the end of this book, I experienced a "Karen Kingsbury" moment, when Melissa Tagg's words actually brought tears to my eyes.  After God finally gets a hold of their hearts, it is interesting to see where Kit and Beckett finally land!

October 1, 2016

Newton & Polly

On the opening pages of Newton & Polly, the latest novel from Jody Hedlund, you will meet the main characters: John Newton and Polly Catlett. On the evening that Newton first hears Polly singing, he is mesmerized by the beauty and purity of her voice!

Newton seems to have fallen hard and fast for this young woman. You wonder what will happen after he must head out to sea.  As Newton seems to get into scrap after scrap, you hope he will make it out alive!

Wait and see how God finally gets ahold of this young man's heart.  After all that Newton will endure, he pens the much loved words to Amazing Grace.  A beautiful example of a life redeemed!

I received this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for my unbiased review.