June 26, 2016

Hope Harbor

In Irene Hannon's book, Hope Harbor, you find Michael Hunter rolling into Hope Harbor, Oregon, only to find the hotel, where he had booked reservations, locked down with no explanation in sight!

 Michael is taking a leave of absence from his job in Chicago in the hopes of sorting out his life.  Now he simply must find a new place to rest his head for the next few weeks.  When Michael visits the beach area and he meets Anna Williams, it seems he has found an answer to his problem.  Anna has an annex on her house that is available for rent to tourists.  Michael latches onto this opportunity for a quiet spot to rest while he continues searching for a new direction for his life!

After Michael literally stumbles into Tracy Campbell, he has no idea that they both have pain from their past that needs healing.  Watch and see how God will intervene and meet Michael and Tracy's needs in this little coastal town that lives up to its name, Hope!

This tale is published by Revell.

June 18, 2016

From This Moment

You find Romulus White on the opening pages of From This Moment, the latest novel written by Elizabeth White.  Romulus is determined to convince Evelyn, his cousin and co-owner of the magazine, Scientific World, to add Stella West, a world-renowned illustrator, to their staff.  Romulus knows that Stella is currently in Boston; but what he does not know is that she is not here to work, but to find the person who killed her sister!

Stella has landed a job as a stenographer at City Hall, the last place where her sister, Gwendolyn, worked before her death.  Stella is determined to follow Gwendolyn's last steps in hopes of finding some clues to who may have been involved with her sister's death.  All Stella seems to be finding are closed doors everywhere she turns; that is, until she finally crosses paths with Romulus, who is definitely a man who knows people and knows how to get things done in Boston.  Now Stella's problem is that Romulus is convinced, along with everyone else in town, that Gwendolyn's death was an accident!

This is an interesting and fast-paced tale as you watch Stella and Romulus in their attempts to uncover the details of Gwendolyn's death.  You wonder who is closer to the truth until the final pages of this tale. Will it be Stella or perhaps Romulus?

June 13, 2016

Summer of Dreams

Summer of Dreams is the latest tale from Elizabeth Camden. When you are introduced to Evelyn White and Clyde Baxter on the opening pages, you learn that Evelyn's father, General White, has sent a young cadet from West Point to assist his daughter with a problem she has not been able to solve herself!

With the help of her cousin, Romulus, Evelyn has built a greenhouse in which to store her exotic plants and wildlife; however, she has been unable to provide the proper humidity needed to sustain life in the greenhouse and she needs help setting up a new hydraulic pump!  Evelyn's primary problem now is that she wants to be the one to solve her problem not someone else, because she wants to prove to her father that she needs to go to college to study engineering herself!

Clyde has agreed to this job in hopes that it will help remove some of the demerits that may keep him from graduating; however, when he finally sees the greenhouse, he is excited to start looking for a solution to the problem!  As soon as Clyde meets Evelyn, he also wants to learn everything there is to know about her.  As you watch the feelings begin to grow between Evelyn and Clyde, you cannot help but wonder what will happen next.  Due to the way that Evelyn was raised with a military father who was rarely home, she has absolutely refused to consider marrying anyone in the military!

You will be surprised at what Evelyn decides to do after Clyde is expelled from school, when he leaves West Point without permission to spend time helping Romulus keep from being expelled from Harvard!  This is a fun tale not to be missed!

Following the tale in this novella comes the book, From This Moment.  If you enjoyed meeting Romulus in Summer of Dreams, you will love this new book by Elizabeth White that is all about Romulus's new direction for his life!

June 8, 2016

Someone Like You

Someone Like You is the latest novel from Victoria Bylin. You meet Zeke Monroe on the opening pages of this book. Zeke is the general manager at Caliente Springs resort and he has a big problem on his hands. Zeke must save not only this resort from bankruptcy, but also the jobs of the two hundred plus employees on his staff. When Zeke learns that Julia Dare, a face from his past, is arriving for a business meeting, he is not sure what will transpire next!

Years ago Zeke and Julia met and dated in college; however, their relationship ended with Zeke under a cloud of guilt. He has no idea what will happen when they meet again. After they meet. it quickly appears that the old feelings are still alive! As Zeke and Julia begin to renew their friendship, neither one can believe how the other's belief in God has made an about face!

This is an interesting tale as both Julia and Zeke have their eyes on saving this resort. You will not believe all the trouble they will encounter along the way.  You wonder through all the chaos if Julia's new faith will continue to grow and if Zeke will find his way back to his heavenly Father who has never stopped loving him!

June 4, 2016

A Haven on Orchard Lane

I had not seen any new novels written by Lawana Blackwell in years; so I was excited to stumble upon A Haven on Orchard Lane. Lawana's latest book is as easy to read as all her previous novels.  This tale is a delightful journey to take with the book's primary characters: Charlotte Ward and her daughter, Rosalind!

Charlotte Ward is a former actress who is currently in a marriage that will not allow her any freedom.  When Charlotte is finally able to make her escape, her reentry into London's theater world is met with failure!

Rosalind is on break from the school where she is currently teaching and finds herself with time on her hands.  When Rosalind hears the ugly gossip being proclaimed about Charlotte in the papers, even though she has not seen her mother in years, she knows that she must reach out to try to find her. Rosalind and Charlotte surprisingly cross paths at the railway station where Charlotte's husband is trying to force her to return home.  Rosalind steps in to take Charlotte by the hand and lead her in a new direction!

Charlotte and Rosalind end up in Port Stilwell, a small fishing village that neither woman had ever visited before.  You will not believe how both lives are transformed in this quiet corner of the world by the end of this tale!

A Haven on Orchard Lane was a delightful read.  You do not want to miss this one!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

June 2, 2016

The Boden Birthright

The Boden Birthright is the latest novella written by Mary Connealy to introduce her new series, The Cimarron Legacy.  This story is a quick read to present the background of the leading man, Chance Boden, of her new line of tales!

You will meet Chance, as well as his young son Colin, as they journey into America's new frontier.  Chance finally finds a spot to establish their new home in New Mexico when he meets Frank Chastain and his beautiful daughter, Veronica!

Chance experiences some initial sparks toward "Ronnie" during this introduction; however, you have no idea how the events that are right around the corner will bring dramatic changes to the lives of each character in this tale!  

This is a series that will definitely be a fun read!

June 1, 2016

Sea Rose Lane

In the Irene Hannon's latest tale, Sea Rose Lane, Eric Nash makes quite the entrance into his hometown of Hope Harbor, Oregon.  While he is talking on his cell phone, he runs his car into the rear end of BJ Stevens's truck!

After an unexpected layoff from his job, Eric has some time on his hands to visit his father before he finds a new place to continue building his career as a lawyer.  Soon after Eric lands back at his childhood home with his damaged BMW, he discovers that his father is having his home remodeled to convert the space into a B&B.  Eric is surprised to find that his father's architect is none other than BJ Stevens!  As Eric learns more about who BJ really is and his feelings for her begin to grow, you realize that this life transition will not be as simple as Eric originally expected!

Watch and see as BJ and Eric join forces to help those in need in their town.  You get a strong feeling that God is growing something bigger than either BJ or Eric could have imagined!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.