December 28, 2017

The Ladies of Ivy Cottage

Julie Klassen’s latest book, The Ladies of Ivy Cottage, takes place in the year 1820, in the village of Ivy Hill, in Wiltshire, England.  This is a lively tale as you are introduced to three ladies in the village:  Miss Rachel Ashford, Mrs. Jane Bell and Miss Mercy Grove.  These women are each all trying their hand at running their own businesses, in this male dominated world. Rachel tries to open a circulating library, with all the books that she inherited from her father.  Jane Bell attempts to manage the inn, The Bell, left to her by her late husband.  Finally, Mercy Groves manages the girls school at Ivy Cottage, in the center of Ivy Hill!

It is interesting to see the complications that these women encounter as they attempt to make their businesses successful.  Each of these women, either meet or know men from their past with whom they hope will come to have an important place in their future.  Hang on to see who God will bring together by the final page!

This is a fun tale to read, as it is a bit reminiscent of Jane Austen's tales, written about the same time period!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

December 19, 2017

Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters is the latest book in Susan May Warren's Montana Rescue Series.  You will finally learn what  happens to Ian Shaw and Sierra Rose's relationship.  Will they return to boss and employee or will something deeper develop?

After the PEAK Rescue team loses their chopper in a severe accident in the mountains, Sierra takes it upon herself to gather a group of Ian's wealthy friends for a cruise on Ian's yacht in the Caribbean.  Ian will take this time to present his friends with a fundraising opportunity to attempt to save the PEAK team; unfortunately, this leisurely trip makes an abrupt change of course when they meet up with a hurricane!

Suddenly the PEAK team will be called in to locate and rescue some of their own.  Hang on to see what happens when secrets of the team are suddenly revealed through this process.  Will they depend on their own strength or look to God for help?

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

December 13, 2017

All This Time

In All This Time, the final book in Melissa Tagg's series centered around the Walker Family, you will see both Raegan Walker and Bear McKinley handle some harsh realities from their pasts.  Raegan must deal with all she has internalized following her mother's death, and Bear must deal with all that has been left in the wake of his family's involvement in the illegal drug trade!

Watch and see how God will bring each through these hardships to find what He has in store for them on the other side!

December 7, 2017

You're Gonna Love Me

Robin Lee Hatcher's latest book is entitled You're Gonna Love Me.  Samantha Winters' learns that her beloved grandmother has fallen from her horse and is left with broken bones.  She immediately cashes in all of her vacation time and takes an extended leave from her job in order to care for her.  When Samantha leaves her big city life and winds up in the small town of Thunder Creek, Idaho, the last thing she expects to see is her former boyfriend Nick Chastain!

Two years previous, when Samantha and Nick ended their relationship, it was not on good terms, but rather it was full of harsh words.  Nick wanted to live his life full of taking chances; however, Samantha, as an accountant, was looking to keep her life full of safety and in control!

Wait and see if God has moved Samantha and Nick past their former fears and desires to a place where they will be able to build a life together!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

December 1, 2017

Out of the Ordinary

Jen Turano's latest tale tells the story of Miss Gertrude Cadwalader.  After Gertrude's parents both died when she was a young girl, she is left alone, depending on her extended family to get her through school.  Now that she is a young adult, Gertrude has had to take a job as a paid companion, in order to survive. Her employer, the wealthy Mrs. Davenport, is a rather eccentric woman, who has a strange habit of carrying off expensive items from the homes of the wealthy with whom they socialize.  Gertrude is left over and over to return these items to the owners, in secret!

The latest party that Gertrude and Mrs. Davenport are attending is on the yacht of the wealthy Sinclair family.  Gertrude has become a close friend to the young shipping magnate, Harrison Sinclair, so she is very nervous when Mrs. Davenport is suddenly missing and she cannot seem to track her down!

This book was a slower read than her previous books; however, by the last one hundred pages, the pace of the book picks up, as you discover what happened previously in Mrs. Davenport's life that brought about her current state!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

November 22, 2017

Sandpiper Cove

The third book in Irene Hannon's Hope Harbor series is entitled Sandpiper Cove.  You will meet Adam Stone when once again his property is vandalized.  Adam is an ex-con, who is looking to make something more of his life.  He was invited by Reverend Baker to consider Hope Harbor as a quiet town where he can start-over, once he is released from prison.  In an off-the-beaten-path cabin Adam has begun a new life; however, when Lexie Graham, Hope Harbor's police chief, shows up at his door-step to investigate this latest incident, Adam gets a nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach!

Lexie needs to get a handle on this crime spree that has hit her town; however, when she comes face-to-face with Adam Stone, she experiences a whole new set of feelings.  She does not have time to deal with having warm feelings toward an ex-con.  As Lexie slowly gets to know Adam, she learns of all of the positive actions he has taken to help those in need all around town.  When Lexie learns that her mother and her young son, Matt, have already befriended Adam at church, she knows her battle is lost!

After Lexie identifies one of the young men involved in the vandalism, she asks Adam to take on helping this young life avoid the path that led him to prison.  The other young man is the son of a wealthy family in town and they pull in their attorney to keep him out of jail.  When someone starts rumors that implicate Adam as being involved with the vandalism as well, he is surprised to see who  will come to his defense.  It is interesting to learn where everyone ends up, by the end of this tale!

November 14, 2017

Beneath a Prairie Moon

The latest from Kim Vogel Sawyer is entitled Beneath a Prairie Moon.  On the first page, you will learn that a lot of the men from Spiveyville, Kansas, are anxious to acquire some mail-order brides.  That is all except one!  Mack Cleveland, who runs the town hardware store, is intent on waiting for God to provide a wife for him.  After his father was swindled by a mail-order bride, he wants nothing to do with these Eastern women!

After her father's shady dealings caused her family to fall from their place in high society, Abigail Brantley has had to lower herself to work as an assistant at Bingham's Bevy of Brides.  Now Abigail must travel to Kansas to tutor a bunch of rough cowboys, in preparation to meet their mail-order brides. She has no idea what she will find once she arrives!

Wait until you see what Mrs. Bingham and Abigail encounter, when they inform these men that they must attend etiquette classes to prepare themselves for the brides, who are on their way!

 As you read through the pages of this tale, you soon get the sense that several of the men in town, who didn't sign up for a bride, may be heading down that path soon themselves!

I received this book from WaterBrook in exchange for my unbiased review.

November 11, 2017

Lady Jayne Disappears

In her debut novel, Lady Jayne Disappears, author Joanna Davidson Politano will take you back to the dark and ghoulish days of early 18th century England.  Many have compared this new author's writing style to that of Charles Dickens; however, in this book, you see the awesome hand of God, working in ways that you would never find in a tale of Dickens!

After living her entire life with her father in debtor's prison, Aurelia has a difficult time adjusting to her life, following her father's death. Wait until you see the havoc that will ensue, when Aurelia enters Lynhurst Manor, her late father's former home!

Aurelia secretly attempts to continue her late father's weekly fiction series, Lady Jayne Disappears, under his pen name Nathaniel Droll.  Aurelia finds herself in some very awkward and complicated situations as she slowly, piece-by-piece, begins to put together the tale of what happened to Jayne!

It will definitely be worth your time reading through the pages of this tale.  You will walk along the path with Aurelia and find out what truly happened to Lady Jayne!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

November 7, 2017

blue ridge sunrise

Denise Hunter's latest book is named, Blue Ridge Sunrise.  On the opening pages, you find Zoe Collins heading back to her hometown of Cooper Falls, Georgia, with her young daughter, Gracie. The reason for her return is, unfortunately, to attend her grandmother's funeral.  Zoe had left town five years ago, both to pursue her music career in Nashville and to hide the fact that she was pregnant!

Zoe soon learns that Cruz Huntley, a friend from her past, is managing the peach orchard, that her grandmother left to Zoe in her will.  In light of the fact that Zoe and Cruz would most likely be seeing each other on a daily basis, Zoe knows that she must reveal her secret to Cruz.  He is the father of her daughter, Gracie!  Once both Zoe and Cruz are able to handle this revelation, they find another problem waiting for them.  Due to the current financial state of the orchard, Zoe is planning to host a big sale at the local Peach Fest; however, as she looks out, over her property, one evening before the sale, she sees her barn ablaze. It is being consumed by fire!

As Zoe, Cruz and local officials attempt to discover who is at fault; unfortunately, they discover a man from Zoe's past whom she would rather forget.  Hold on, through this fast-paced ending, when you will discover who is attempting to bring Zoe to her knees!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

November 1, 2017

Single, Dating, Engaged, Married.

Ben Stuart presents guidance on dating and all that goes with it in his book, Single, Dating, Engaged, Married. navigating life+love in the modern age, in a way that only he can.  If you have ever seen him preaching at Passion City Church, you will expect him to bring a fresh look to this age old subject!

Ben discusses the following areas at length:

Offers a time to pursue an undistracted devotion to God.

Not a status to dwell in, but a process to move through.

 A season to allow a young couple to focus on the complexities of bringing their two lives together as one. 

The strongest bonds are formed when a man and a woman live out their marriage on mission together.

Throughout this discussion, Ben points your heart and mind, straight back toward your relationship with Jesus Christ!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

October 27, 2017

Too Far Down

Too Far Down, the latest from Mary Connealy, brings her Cimarron Legacy series to an end.  With bullets being fired every time any member of the Boden family turns around,  you do not know who will be safe!

Cole Boden is now trying to get to the bottom of who is behind the explosions at his mines.  You cannot figure out who can be trusted in this world of the wild, wild west!  You will watch as a relationship begins to grow between Cole and his neighbor Melanie Blake, as she helps him try to solve this mystery!

Do not be surprised when a character from one of Mary Connealy's previous series shows up before the final pages of this tale!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

October 23, 2017

Across the Blue

Carrie Turansky's latest novel is entitled Across the Blue.  The year is 1909. and there is talk on the streets of London, England, concerning the first airplane to fly across the English Channel.   Isabella Grayson, daughter of a wealthy newspaper baron, cannot let go of her dream of writing articles for the paper; however, her mother has a different dream: Isabella marrying an aristocrat!  When Isabella finally agrees to pursue some of the men her mother has selected, it is only in exchange for her being allowed to write some articles about the new airplanes.  Isabella has no idea what situations will arise from this agreement!

 When Isabella suddenly meets James Drake, after his flying machine crashes on the Grayson's property, her mind will not stop being filled with thoughts of him.  James' mind, however, is firmly set on winning the contest, that will reward one thousand pounds to the first man to successfully fly an airplane across the English Channel.  James comes from a very poor background, so this money will make all the difference in his life.  When he begins having feelings for Isabella, he hopes having money will make him acceptable to Isabella's family!

As you walk with Isabella, as she is trying to obtain the information needed for her articles, and with James, as he is attempting to improve his airplane and his skill at flying it, you will learn details about a secret from James' past.  Watch and see how Isabella and James attempt  to discover the truth about James birth and what family he really comes from!

I received this book from Multnomah in exchange for my unbiased review.

October 14, 2017

A Dangerous Engagement

Melanie Dickerson finishes up her The Regency Spies of London series with A Dangerous Engagement.  When Felicity Mayson cannot seem to catch a man's eye at the parties in London, due to her lack of a dowry, she heads out with her spinster aunt to visit her mother's sister-in-law, Lady Blackstone, in the country.  Felicity is soon introduced to wealthy man, Oliver Rately.  When Oliver begins to shower her with attention and even a marriage proposal, Felicity cannot think of anything else to do, but to say yes!

Felicity soon discovers that this country estate is filled with men, led by Lady Blackstone, planning a revolt against the government of England!  Felicity does not know which way to turn to find protection for herself and her aunt.  She soon crosses paths with Philip Merrick, a spy working for the English government who has quietly infiltrated this group of rebels.  While Felicity attempts to make Lady Blackstone and Oliver believe that she is loyal to their cause, she is secretly helping Philip gather the information he needs to show the government what is actually being planned!

Everything goes from bad to worse when Lady Blackstone discovers that Phillip is spying on her group, for the government!  Felicity does what she can to convince this group not to immediately kill Philip; however, after Philip frees himself and heads back to London, Felicity is left to deal with these rebels on her own.  Hang in there to see what comes to pass on the final pages of this action-filled tale!

October 10, 2017

Love Held Captive

In Shelley Shepard Gray's latest book, Love Held Captive, you will find closure to her A Lone Star Hero's Love Story series.  You will catch up with Major Ethan Kelly at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.  He still cannot find relief from events that took place during his time as a Confederate soldier.  He cannot forget the scared face of a young woman who was home alone when he brought his troops in to raid her home of rations and bedding.  They left her with nothing but the clothes on her back.  So when Ethan comes face-to-face with her, in his room at the hotel, he knows he must reach out and help!

Lizbeth Barclay is working, as a maid in her cousin's hotel, when a guest confront's her and attempts to take advantage of her.  Lizbeth leaves his room and scurries down the hall.  She ends up in Ethan Kelly's room.  Lizbeth has no idea, but this action is the first in turning her life around.  When Ethan learns that the man, who threatened Lizbeth, is someone he knows from his war days, he immediately calls in his band of brothers to help eliminate this danger!

When Captain Devin Monroe arrives first,
followed quickly by Robert Traux and Thomas Baker, you know the gang is all there to get things done.  Sit back and watch as a lot of action will start to take place, as well as a lot of secrets that will be brought to light!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.

October 6, 2017

Christmas at Carnton

Tamera Alexander has written a new novella entitled Christmas at Carnton.  This short story tells the tale of Aletta Prescott, a young civil war widow, trying to figure out how to hold her life together on her own.  She not only needs to take care of herself, but also Andrew, her six-year-old son.  When Aletta unexpectedly loses her job, she begins to scramble around Nashville looking for work.  Her prayers are answered when Aletta lands a position, working in the kitchen at Carnton Plantation, providing support during the Women's Relief Society auction!

Soon after Aletta arrives at Carlton, she meets Captain Jake Winston, an injured soldier who has been sent to offer assistance to the women during the auction. As Jake begins to befriend Aletta and Andrew, both Aletta and Jake struggle against the feelings that are beginning to develop.  Aletta thinks that it is too soon after her husband's death to be noticing another man and Jake, seeing Aletta's wedding ring, thinks that she is still married, not recently widowed.  Once Aletta and Jake decide to move their relationship from simply friendship to something much more, Aletta suddenly receives news that her husband has been found alive!

This tale will have a surprising ending as you see Aletta walk this uncertain path knowing that God will carry her through!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

October 2, 2017

31 Proverbs To Light Your Path

No one can write a devotional quite like Liz Curtis Higgs.  She has recently put together a short book entitled 31 Proverbs To Light Your Path.  Liz has pulled out nuggets from Proverbs and takes you on a 31-day journey exploring God's Word in a way that only she can do!

With humor and tales from her own life, Liz encourages you to seek our amazing God every day of your life.  She closes this book with a study guide, filled with additional scripture references to move you into a deeper study of these selected verses in Proverbs!

All in all, Liz Curtis Higgs has provided you with another tool that will draw you into a lasting relationship with your heavenly Father!

I received this book from Waterbrook in exchange for my unbiased review.

September 25, 2017

The Wonder of Advent

The Wonder of Advent is the latest devotional from Chris Tiegreen.  This devotional has a clear and simple set-up, that will lead you through the days of Advent, from November 24th through the end of December!

Each day will conclude with questions to lead you to reflect on the subject discussed. You will begin to view Advent in a totally new way after completing this easy-to-read devotional!

I received this book from Tyndale in exchange for my unbiased review.

September 18, 2017

An Inconvenient Beauty

Kristi Ann Hunter has just published, An Inconvenient Beauty, the final tale in her Hawthorne House series.  You find Griffith, the Duke of Riverton, feeling the pressure to marry. Now that his siblings are all married, he decides he must identify the perfect woman to marry himself. Once Miss Frederica St. Claire is selected, Griffith soon learns that she is already in love with a man lost in the war!

When Griffith crosses paths with Frederica's cousin, Miss Isabella Breckenridge, he instantly knows that this beautiful woman is the exact opposite of what he is looking for in a wife.  Frederica's father has brought Isabella to London to join in with the season.  Her uncle Percy is hoping her beauty will help him get the votes needed to pass an apothecary law.  After his lost his wife and son to an untrained medical man, this law is near and dear to his heart!

Soon you will see Griffith's mindset change, as he realizes that there is much more to Isabella than just her beauty.  Watch and see where these two will end up by the final page of this tale!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

September 12, 2017

These Healing Hills

These Healing Hills is the latest from Ann H. Gabhart.  You will meet Francine Howard on the opening pages of this tale.  She suffers the loss of her fiance, Seth, when she learns he has found someone new, after serving in the war overseas.  Now Francine must find a new purpose for her life.  She decides to leave her job, as a nurse in Cincinnati, Ohio, and join the Frontier Nursing Service in the rugged hills of eastern Kentucky!

You will walk the hills with Francine, as she attempts to learn the people and the area of her new home.  She soon meets Woody Locke, the youngest son in the Locke family, and definitely the most talkative!  Woody definitely helps Francine learn more about her new surroundings.  The Locke family soon rejoices when their eldest son, Ben, returns safely from his time in the war.  Now Ben must figure out what to do next.  Will he stay with his family or find a new path outside his life in the mountains?

It is interesting to see how God works in both Francine and Ben's lives to point them toward His plans for their lives.  Seth shows up in the midst of Francine's new world and further complicates her decision!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

September 9, 2017

Behind the Scenes

The latest novel by Jen Turano is entitled Behind the Scenes.  You will meet Miss Permilla Griswold as she is approaching yet another social event.  As Permilla and her stepmother, Ida  approach the Vanderbilt mansion, you quickly understand that Ida is not happy with Permilla for not fitting in with the members of high society.  Permilla is left once again to blend in with the other wallflowers at the ball!

Unbeknownst to the other attendees at the ball, Permilla is looking around, making notes on her dance cards about the costumes that many are wearing.  She needs this information for the column she is anonymously writing for a local newspaper.  As she is lurking about the Vanderbilt's costume ball, she happens upon two men discussing how they are planning to kill Mr. Asher Rutherford, the owner of an up-and-coming department store in New York City.  Even though Permilla had not gained a positive impression of Mr. Rutherford, on the two occasions they had crossed paths, she knew she must inform him that someone was out to get him!

This is a fun tale as you follow Permilla and Asher around town, while they both attempt to learn who is determined to end Asher's life and understand the motivation behind it.  A lot of details will come to light by the end of this tale!

September 1, 2017

Because Of You

Because Of You is a recent book from T.K. Chapin.  Samantha thought all was well with her husband Dakota, their daughter Kimmy, and their baby boy on the way, when they suddenly learn that Dakota is being deployed by the Army to go back to Afghanistan. Samantha fears the worst.  After the worst does happen and Dakota is labeled missing in action, Samantha cannot stop the tears from falling.  When Samantha's baby finally arrives, she names him, Dakota, after his father!

Fast forward two years and you will find Samantha, her daughter, and her young son living in the same town as her mother and sister.  Family provides Samantha with support she needs during these initial troubling days.  Once Samantha's feet are finally planted firmly on the ground, she suddenly meets Mason.  This man, dressed in Army camouflage, is too much a reminder of her missing husband.  As time goes on Samantha becomes more comfortable with the situation and it seems that something more may be developing in her relationship with Mason!

As you walk through these pages with Samantha, you will see her relationship with God growing to the point, where she is depending on Him to help her through all these changes in her life.  This tale, with it's short chapters, will keep you reading until you reach the final page.  You will not believe where and with whom Samantha ends up!

I received this book from T.K. Chapin for my honest review.

August 27, 2017

Bringing Maggie Home

Kim Vogel Sawyer's latest novel is entitled Bringing Maggie Home. This tale begins with Hazel DeFord and her little sister, Maggie heading off to pick blackberries for their mother to use to make a pie for their father.  Hazel turns her back on Maggie for a moment; unfortunately, when she looks back, her little sister is missing!

Fast-forward seventy years and you will see Hazel preparing for a visit with her granddaughter Meghan in her Las Vegas home.  Meghan is planning to spend several weeks with her grandmother; however, she is surprised to find her own mother, Diane, answering Hazel's front door!  You immediately sense the tension.  Diane has been angry with her mother for years over her over-protection.  Megan finds herself in the middle trying to keep the peace.  Meghan's idea to create a scrapbook of her grandmother's life brings a long-held secret to life.  Meghan and Diane soon learn that Hazel had a three-year-old sister, Maggie, who went missing some seventy years ago!

At work, Meghan and her partner, Sean, spend hours trying to solve cold cases.  Meghan has just found a new  and very personal case for them to solve.  It is interesting to follow these three women and watch the changes in their relationships as they search for Maggie!

I received this book from Waterbrook in exchange for my unbiased review.

August 21, 2017

The Captivating Lady Charlotte

The Captivating Lady Charlotte, by Carolyn Miller, will introduce you to Charlotte as she is entering her first season in London, England. Eighteen-year-old Charlotte soon sets her sights on several young men; however, her parents are leaning toward Duke William Hartwell.  This widower, who is almost twice her age, has definitely not caught Charlotte's attention!

William has recently lost his wife in childbirth, to a child he is unsure is his own.  Now he is looking for a woman to marry he knows he can trust.  William is definitely unsure about where Charlotte's feelings lie.  As Charlotte struggles with her feelings, she spends time talking with her cousin, Lavinia, to learn about her experience with her husband. Lavinia shares how trusting God made all the difference!

Will Charlotte continue chasing after these other men, or will she learn to trust in God and depend on Him with her feelings?  Wait and see where Charlotte and William end up as you follow the crazy path this tale takes you down!

August 18, 2017

The Elusive Miss Ellison

I have discovered a new Christian author, Carolyn Miller.  Her first novel, The Elusive Miss Ellison, was a delightful read.  You will meet Miss Lavinia Ellison on the opening pages.  She is a young woman, living in St. Hampton Heath with her minister father, taking care of the needs of the poor and sick in her village. Lavinia soon meets Nicholas, the Earl of Hawksbury, the brother of the man, who killed her beloved mother!

When Lavinia has an accident, as she is walking in the rain, and falls ill with small pox, she must take shelter in the Earl's home until she recovers.  You will soon see the relationship between  Lavinia and Nicholas change from foe to something much dearer.  Watch and see Lavinia learn to forgive the sins of the past and Nicholas learn to humble himself and lay down his pride before our awesome God!

You will not believe what occurs when you follow both Nicholas and Lavinia to London.  Lavinia has an entire family she never knew about!  The details of Lavinia's life are about to get very complicated.  Hold on until the final page!

August 12, 2017

I'll Be There

I'll Be There is a recent addition to Susan May Warren's Montana Fire series.  You will cross paths with Liza and Conner from the earlier tale, Playing with Fire, as they are preparing for their wedding.  This event is planned to take place in three days, but, of course, Conner is late for the party!

After Liza learns that Conner was involved in a serious car accident and more importantly, that he is again in pursuit of his brother's killer, she knows that life is about to get very crazy!

Watch and see this tale unfold in Deep Haven, with Liza and Conner surrounded by the Christiansen clan.  Hang on, as you will discover an ending full of surprises!

August 7, 2017

The Two of Us

The Two of Us is the latest book by Victoria Bylin.  On the opening pages, you will meet Mia Robinson as she waits in a coffee shop across the street from her hotel.  Her younger  sister, Lucy, is planning to get married in a Vegas wedding chapel.  After Mia watches a handsome man successfully capturing stuffed animals in a claw machine, she learns that this man actually has a close relationship with Sam Waters, the young man who will soon be Lucy's husband!

Jake Tanner has been keeping an eye Sam, ever since his mother, Connie, was killed in a police shooting.  Now it seems their wedding will be delayed due to complications with Lucy's pregnancy.  Mia's dream of joining a medical non-profit group may be delayed as well.  Once the wedding finally takes place, Mia's life plan seems to be back on-track, until new feelings for Jake start barging in.  Jake's own plans to build a youth center for children of fallen police officers seem to be in jeopardy as well!

Once Mia and Jake put aside their own dreams, you will be interested to see where God will take their lives!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

August 2, 2017

To Wager Her Heart

To Wager Her Heart is the latest from Tamera Alexander.  You will meet Alexandra Jamison, on the opening pages of this book, as she is introduced to Silas Rutledge, her father's new colleague. Alexandria does not quite know what to make of this man from Colorado.  Silas does not quite fit into the Southern ways of Nashville.  Then before you know it, her father begins pushing Alexandria toward marrying a man three times her age!

Once Alexandra refuses her father's plan, she knows she must find a different direction for her life.  After her fiance, David had died in a train accident, Alexandra still carries his desire to help educate any freedman wanting to learn.  She soon learns of Fisk University, a school right in Nashville, dedicated to training freedmen.  Following a fall-out with her parents, Alexandra leaves home with nothing but the clothes on her back, to enter a new world teaching the students at Fisk University.  Around the same time, Silas Rutledge is trying to navigate his way, through the business world of Nashville, to acquire the opportunity to become part of bringing a new rail line to the area.  Silas soon find that Alexandra is just the person to help him find his way!

This is an interesting tale to follow as you watch Silas and Alexandra learn to navigate in a world new to them both!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.

July 29, 2017

The Promise of Breeze Hill

Pam Hillman's latest book is entitled The Promise of Breeze Hill.  On the opening pages, you are introduced to Connor O'Shea as he is putting himself on the auction block.  In an attempt to gain passage from Ireland for his three younger brothers, he plans to indenture himself as a carpenter.  Conner cannot believe it when the person, who puts down money for him, turns out to be Isabella Bartholomew, a beautiful young woman!

After Connor manages to help Isabella safely return to her home, he learns that after her father was badly burned in the fire, that has left the property damaged as well, the management of the plantation has fallen on Isabella's shoulders.  Once Conner starts working on restoring their home, he soon realizes that the situation at Breeze Hill is more complicated than anyone realized!

Men from the neighborhood have their eye on Isabella as a potential wife.  You wonder if it is for her benefit or for their own selfish reasons.  Hold on as you watch Isabella and Connor attempt to discover who they can trust and who is out to enrich their own pocket!

I received this book from Tyndale Fiction in exchange for my unbiased review.

July 25, 2017

Playing with Fire

Playing With Fire, the second book in Susan May Warren's Montana Fire series, opens with Liza Beaumont on a remote trail in western Montana trying to locate Esther Rogers.  Liza, a camp counselor, had talked to Esther about meeting at the overlook to capture some of the beauty of the morning.  There is no sign of Esther; instead, Liza crosses paths with a ferocious grizzly bear!

The author immediately takes you back to three years previous, when Liza,living in Deep Haven, Minneapolis, meets Conner Young, a smoke jumper, who is in the area to help fight an out of control fire.  As Conner helps fight the fire, you will see a friendship begin to grow between Conner and Liza.  When the fire is finally extinguished and Conner moves on to the next fire, you wonder what will happen to this new, growing friendship!

As the author takes you back to the scene with the grizzly bear, you will see another step in the relationship between Liza and Conner.  Liza definitely senses a deepening in her friendship with Conner.  Hang on while you walk with Liza and Conner, as they continue to hunt for Esther in the great and dangerous outdoors.  As Liza begins to pin-point Esther's location, you will soon learn that the fierce grizzly bear is not far away!

July 21, 2017

A Name Unknown

The latest from Roseanna M. White, entitled A Name Unknown, is set again in England.  The year is 1919, just before the start of World War I.  Rosemary Gresham grew up on the streets of London, learning how to pick pockets as a means to survive. Now in her twenties, she has moved on to larger fish.  Rosemary's latest prize, 1000 pounds, is hers, if she is able to determine whether Peter Holstein is a true Englishman or actually a spy from Germany!

Rosemary is able to gain entry into Peter's home by presenting herself as Rosemary Gresham, Librarian.  Peter is in need of someone to organize his "out of control" library and Rosemary fits the bill!  As you watch Rosemary begin to organize the library, you will see that she is also looking for evidence concerning Peter's loyalty.  Soon you will realize that something is growing between Peter and Rosemary.  You wonder if it will be merely friendship or something more!

Follow this tale to the final page, as you wait to see if Peter will learn that Rosemary is actually a thief, and if Rosemary will learn that Peter is a well-known author!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

July 9, 2017

Beneath Copper Falls

Beneath Copper Falls is Colleen Coble's latest addition to her Rock Harbor Series.  You know from the first page that this tale will be filled with suspense.  You find Renee Carter hiding in her garden from the man she is to marry the next day.  Before you know it, she is grabbed by her groom-to-be. Suddenly he is holding her head under water.  Renee's final thoughts are of her brother, Boone!

As you move forward two years, you find Boone Carter back in his hometown of Rock Harbor in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  He is currently managing a group of cabins that he built himself, providing visitors with a place to stay while they take advantage of the great outdoors.  You are soon introduced to Dana Newell, who looking for a safe place to live, plans to move back home to Rock Harbor and live with her brother Chris.  Dana is running away from an abusive relationship with her fiance, Garret Waterman.  She meets Boone as soon as she arrives at her brother's house.  Her brother is currently out of town on a business trip, but he has asked his friend Boone to stop by and make her feel welcome.  Dana is uneasy when he stops by with groceries for her and the atmosphere becomes even more awkward when she is caught staring at the burns on his face!

Dana soon learns that Boone was burned during his time working as a smoke-jumper in Arizona.  As Dana begins to get to know Boone better and their friendship begins to grow, she learns more of the details about his sister Renee's death. The details are way too similar to the way Garret had treated her.  When she suddenly sees Garret driving through town, she knows her worst fear has come true.  He has found her sanctuary!

Hang on as this tale will lead you to an ending you would never imagine!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

July 5, 2017

With You Always

Jody Hedlund's latest novel, With You Always, is part of her Orphan Train series.  Elise Neumann and her sisters have been relocated to the safety of the Seventh Street Mission by Miss Pendleton.  The only problem for Elise is that the women in the sewing workroom are acting out in jealousy about the preferential treatment that the Neumann family seems to be receiving from their benefactor, Miss Pendleton!

To avoid further fighting in the workroom, the supervisor, Mrs. Watson, sends Elise out on an errand to buy additional thread for her co-workers.  As Elise is walking down the streets of New York, her quiet world soon erupts into chaos as gangs bring looting and violence onto the streets.  A stranger to Elise, Thornton Quincy, soon assists her as she is swept into the craziness all around her.  Thornton had not been expecting such a scene when he came to New York to simply hire workers for his project; however, now he seems to be in the thick of it!

When life in New York City finally begins to calm down, a new problem arises.  Jobs for anyone working in the sewing industry seem to have dried up.  Elise discovers that to find work she must look to the West.  She soon finds herself on a train heading to a small town in Illinois.  You do not know what to expect next when Elise runs into Thornton Quincy on the train.  You will soon see how God is at work in both of their lives!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

June 27, 2017

Just Look Up

Just Look Up is the latest book by Courtney Walsh.  This tale begins with Lane Kelley preparing to give the biggest presentation of her career at the interior design firm she works for in Chicago.  As Lane is trying to settle her nerves to begin her talk, she is interrupted by a phone call that she cannot ignore.  Her brother, Nate, has been in a motorcycle accident and is in a coma.  Her presence is needed at the hospital.  Lane has no choice but to immediately leave!

As Lane drives into Harbor Pointe, Michigan, all her memories of her hometown come flooding back.  She had not been home in years to avoid thinking about all she left behind: the unkind words about being overweight; her sister stealing her boyfriend; her family taking sides in the situation and it was not hers!  Her years away was sending her back a new woman.  Lane is returning, from her years at Northwestern, a slim and fit woman, with a career that is about to skyrocket!

Lane does not quite know how to balance between remaining by Nate's bedside and returning to Chicago, to give an important presentation that may bring her a big promotion.  Ryan Brooks, a man from her past, who her family had befriended as a young boy, is suddenly by her side.  He had returned to Harbor Pointe, after several rough years away serving in Afghanistan.  It appears that Ryan may be the one to help her wade through the tension she is facing, between family and work!

This is a interesting tale to follow.  See how God is at work in the messiness we make of life!

I received this book from Tyndale Fiction in exchange for my unbiased review.

June 17, 2017

Rescue Me

Rescue Me, is the second installment in Susan May Warren's Montana Rescue series.  This book focuses primarily on Deputy Sam Brooks.  He is on his way to dinner one evening when he receives news of a frantic call, from a young man in the Glacier National Park. When Ben enters the park with several other members of the PEAK rescue team, they soon find the distressed young man, Quinn, and learn that he had lost track of his girlfriend, Bella.  She went missing shortly after they had an unexpected encounter with a mama grizzly bear!

Once Ben and the crew are finally able to locate Bella, they all end up in the local hospital ER to have Bella treated; Ben ventures off by himself to deal with the stress of the evening.  A close-up encounter with a wild grizzly has Ben focusing on his near death experience.  Before he knows it, he begins sharing his thoughts with someone he assumes is his girlfriend, Sierra Rose.  In the midst of a kiss, he suddenly realizes it is not Sierra, but her sister, Willow, instead!

Things are a bit awkward after this odd encounter.  So when Sierra drops out of a trip that had been planned for her, Willow and Ben to escort a local youth group into the park for a day trip, Ben is a bit uncomfortable.  After completing the first section of their trip, as Ben is driving, he suddenly loses control of the van carrying the teenagers. The group is soon left in a very precarious position; hanging over the edge of a cliff!

This is a high-paced tale as you see where God leads Sam and Willow and the lives that they touch along the way. The road He has set before them will be different than you could ever imagine!

June 13, 2017

Freedom's Price

Freedom's Price concludes Christine Johnson's Keys of Promise series.  The tale begins in Staffordshire, England in the year 1856. Catherine Haynes does not know which way to turn.  Her father has passed away and her family home, Deerfield, has been inherited by her cousin, Roger.  Roger's focus is to first sell Deerfield and then to push Catherine into marrying a man she has no interest in.  When Catherine remembers her mother's family in America, she immediately books her passage to journey to meet her lost family!

After a rough voyage had Catherine fearing that the ship was about to sink, she catches the eye of a handsome man, Tom Worthington, who has come to greet and then to help pilot this ship that has lost its main mast.  When the ship is taken to Key West for repairs, Catherine must find a way to reach her family in New  Orleans.  Tom offers to travel with Catherine to greet her family and to remain until she feels safe!

Soon after arriving in New Orleans, Catherine catches sight of a man, she had heard conversing with her father years ago.  Soon she learns that this the same man Tom has been trying to hunt down for years.  This man had stolen from Tom's family and sent his father to an early grave!

Hold tight as Tom and Catherine deal with this evil man from their past!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

June 4, 2017

Sweetbriar Cottage

Denise Hunter's latest novel, Sweetbriar Cottage, opens with its main character, Noah Mitchell. leaving his ranch in the north Georgia mountains to go into town to pick up some groceries; however, when he picks up his mail, he soon sees a letter from the IRS informing him that he is still married to Josephine.   Now he has to track her down to find out what went wrong.  After she was unfaithful to him, Noah had hoped to never lay eyes on again!

When Noah learns that the divorce papers were never signed by a judge, he lays the blame fully at Josephine's feet!  Josephine attempts to make up for her faux-pas by hand-delivering a new set of papers to be signed on Noah's doorstep.  Little does she know that the worst snow storm to hit north Georgia is about to strike!

After Noah and Josephine have been stuck together in his cabin for too long with no power, they venture out into the snow in pursuit of one of Noah's horses that has escaped from his barn.  Hold on to see what happens when they run out of fuel and have no way to call for help!

You will see both Noah and Josephine finally deal with the hurts from their past.   The only way they can find release is with the mighty hand of God!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

June 1, 2017

A Fine Gentleman

Sarah M. Eden's latest novel, A Fine Gentleman, was not as easy a read as her previous novels; however, the pace of this book picked up considerably after the first one-hundred pages!

It was satisfying to add the story of Jason Jonquil to all that I have learned about the Jonquil family so far.  Jason focuses all his time and energy on his job as a barrister in London.  When he meets Mariposa Thornton, a beautiful Spanish woman who has escaped Napoleon's war in Spain, he has meet his match.  Mariposa has come to London with the story that she is seeking her inheritance; however, the truth is that she is desperately trying to locate her mother and younger brother, Santiago.  Her family had promised to reunite with their Thornton relatives in England, if they lost each other in the craziness of the war!

When Mariposa does not find her mother or her brother with their English relatives, she is at a loss of where to turn next.  Mariposa has already lost her older brother and her father to the war, so she cannot imagine being left with no one.  Watch and see what Jason is able to accomplish when he sets his mind to bringing this grieving family back together!

May 30, 2017

A Stranger at Fellsworth

A Stranger at Fellsworth is the final tale in Sarah E. Ladd's Treasures of Surrey series.  You meet Annabelle Thorley, as she and her mother are visiting her Uncle Edmund at the school he manages in Surrey, England.  As nine-year-old Annabelle is looking for something to help her pass the time, she overhears her uncle warning her mother about the uneasy feelings he has about her husband.  Annabelle's uncle promises that he will be there if the need ever arises.  Unfortunately, this need arises twelve years later!

Both of Annabelle's parents have died and her brother, Thomas, is in charge of her home and her livelihood.  When Thomas falls into debt due to his gambling, he not only begins selling off all their belongings, but he wants to marry Annabelle off to the highest bidder.  That bidder happens to be Mr. Bartrell, a man Annabelle cannot imagine ever marrying!  When Annabelle and her brother attend a local ball, Thomas and his friends get drunk and out of hand.  Annabelle cannot believe it when her brother actually strikes her across the face.  She knows that it is time to leave!

When Annabelle meets Owen Locke on the streets of London, she learns that he lives in the same area of Surrey as her uncle.  Annabelle realizes that she has found an easy way to get relocate herself from busy London to the quiet countryside!

As Annabelle gets reacquainted with her aunt and uncle, she also gets to know more about Owen and likes what she is learning.  Things seems quiet, until suddenly Annabelle's brother and Mr. Bartrell arrive in the neighborhood.  You know trouble is not far behind!

Hold on as this tale gets fast pasted, full of a lot of information to finally put the details of this story together!

 I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.

May 22, 2017

True to You

Becky Wade has completed the first book, True to You, of her Bradford Sisters Romance series.  The tale opens with Nora Bradford attending an emergency situation training session with her sister, Britt.  The session seems to be ending when a tall, muscular man, dressed in black, picks Nora up and carries her, over his shoulder, out of the room.   Nora is surprised when she learns that this man is actually a former Navy Seal, who left his Seal team with honors!

John Lawson did indeed leave the military with honors; however, he has a dire need to contact his birth parents to learn about his family's health history.   John has been experiencing symptoms that indicate that he may be losing his eyesight!   When John learns that Nora is a professional researcher, he knows that he has found the person who can help him find his birth mother!

This tell gets very interesting as John and Nora dive into the process of locating his mother's whereabouts.   You will be surprised to learn the details that are revealed.  By the end of this tale, you will see God at work in both of John and Nora's lives!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

May 9, 2017

Peace in the Valley

In Ruth Logan Herne's final entry, Peace in the Valley, to her Double S Ranch series, you will watch Trey Walker Stafford, returning to his hometown in central Washington, with the plan to donate some of his liver to his dying father, Sam Stafford.  When Trey runs the van of single mother, Lucy Carlton, off the road, totaling her van and destroying the products she was taking to sell at a local fair, his plans suddenly change!

In the past, Sam Stafford has wronged Lucy; so he sees this as a great opportunity to encourage his youngest son, Trey, to not only replace Lucy's van, but to lend a hand to make improvements on her farm.  Trey had left the ranch years ago to  pursue a musical career.  After Trey has become a successful country star in Nashville, he is ready to slow down and enjoy time with his family.  As Trey spends more and more time with Lucy and her family, you will slowly see flames beginning to grow between Lucy and Trey.  When Trey learns that Lucy has had trouble with a past drug addiction, his feelings suddenly grind to a stop.  He lost his first wife to a drug overdose and promised himself to never go down that road again!

You have two questions as you near the final pages of this book:  will Sam and Trey survive the liver transplant and will Lucy and Trey find a new life together?  You know that God will need to be present for both situations to come about!

I received this book from Multnomah in exchange for my unbiased review.

May 1, 2017

The Noble Servant

The Noble Servant is the latest tale by Melanie Dickerson in her Medieval Fairy Tale series.  Lady Magdalen of Mallen has received a marriage proposal from Steffan, the Duke of Wolfberg. After Magdalen and Steffan had met two years prior at Thoornbeck Castle, Magdalen had been hoping to see Steffan again.  She just had not expected a marriage proposal!

After Magdalen arrives at Wolfberg castle, she  discovers that her servant, Agnes, and her father, Erlich, plan to force her to switch places with Agnes, under the threat of death.  Now Magdalen must take on the position of a servant!

While Steffan is on his way home, after his years studying at a university overseas, he is suddenly attacked by two guards sent by his uncle Hazen.  Steffan is surprised to learn that his uncle is attempting to take control of his castle and his lands.  His uncle has removed everyone at the castle who could prove his rightful place!

You have to wonder how Magdalen and Steffan will be able to prove their rightful place in their world.  This is a fun, fast-paced tale as you watch these two attempt to avoid danger in this world where everyone seems out to get them!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

April 28, 2017

An Awakened Heart: An Orhan Train Novella

Jody Hedlund's latest novella entitled An Awakened Heart:  An Orphan Train Novella, will introduce you to her latest series, An Orphan Train.  You will meet Christine Pendleton, a wealthy young woman living in New York City, during the 1850's.  Looking for a place to serve those less fortunate than herself, Christine has begun volunteering at the Centre Street Chapel.  She soon meets Guy Bedell, the on site pastor, who is looking for ways to serve as well.  Unfortunately, their approaches seem to be polar opposites. Guy's approach is to focus on the sins these people have committed, while Christine's approach is to cover these people with the love and acceptance of God, as Jesus Christ himself would offer!

As you see Guy and Christine begin to develop a plan to offer the poor women of the city a way to earn money for themselves, you will also see that feelings are developing between them!  When the benefactors of the Centre Street Chapel will not accept their plan, Christine knows that God will lead them to another way!

You wonder if Guy and Christine will find a new way to minister to the poor on the streets of New York City.  Do not be surprised when God leads them to a new plan, as well as a young family of three sisters with nowhere to go and no hope for the future!

April 13, 2017

You'll think of Me

You'll Think of Me
Robin Lee Hatcher's latest tale, You'll think of Me, tells the story of Brooklyn Myers.   She has felt abandoned her whole life, first by her mother, then her father and finally her husband.   Brooklyn has been trying to keep it together for herself and her daughter Alycia's the  sake, when she sent only learns that Chad,  her former husband,  has passed away.  He has left his family home and property to his wife and daughter.   Brooklyn finally sees some new hope for their lives!

Chad has left something else, his dying request that his best friend, Derek, be the father to Alycia that he never was himself.  Derek have been hoping to purchase some of Derek's land to start up his own organic fruit farm, but now it seems his plans must change as well!

Hang on to see how both Brooklyn and Derek's plans work out  in the end and how God makes a difference in both of their lives!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

April 1, 2017

For Love and Honor

In Jody Hedlund's latest tale, For Love and Honor,  you will meet Sir Bennet as he called home to Maidstone to deal with some money problems.  His brother, Aldric, has borrrowed money from Lord Pitt, as well as some other neighbors; however,  he is unable to repay it.  As you see Bennet deal with Captain Foxe, an employee of the Lord, who has come for some repayment, you will suddenly see them both draw swords!

Sir Bennet has been trained as a knight, so he is ready for a fight. With the man finally is sent away, Bennet must think of a way to pay off this debt.  Across the countryside, Lady Sabine has been living with her grandmother, since her father died three years ago.   Her grandmother has been encouraging Sabine to consider marriage; however,  she fears this will never take place because of the blemish she carries on her skin.  Sir Bennet  considers locating a wealthy maiden to marry to help him pay off his family's debt; while at the same time, Lady Sabine fears she will never find a man who will marry her, simply for the woman she is!

When Lady Sabine shows up at Maidstone,  she assumes that she is there to purchase some artwork; however, her grandmother has made plans with Sir Bennet to work towards a possible marriage contract.  In the middle of Sabine and Bennet learning more about each other,  Maidstone is attacked by Lord Pitt and everyone on the property fear for their very lives!

Things get much more complicated when Lady Sabine  is accused of witchcraft because of the marks on her skin. Hang on until the last pages to see how Bennet and Sabine survive this out of control situation!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.

March 26, 2017

Long Time Gone

On the opening pages of Long Time Gone, by MaryConnealy, you will see Justin Boden in a rush to get his brother, Cole, back to the ranch, after he has been gut shot.   Cole needs to see a doctor as soon as possible.   The only thing that has Justin concerned is that he must leave his sister, Sadie, behind with just Seth Kincaid on the lookout for her!

Once the doctor arrives on the scene, he brings along Angie DuPree, from the orphanage, to assist him.  Angie had caught Justin's eye as she entered town; however, now Justin is distracted by Sadie announcing that she wants to marry Heath.  Justin is thrown off again when he learns that Angie is going to stay overnight to keep an eye on Cole with the doctor.   You soon have the sense that something may soon be developing between Angie and Justin!

Once Cole seems to be on the mend,  Justin must turn his focus to determining where the threat to his ranch is originating.   This is a fast-paced tale to follow until the final page!

 I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

March 25, 2017

Then Came You

Becky Wade's latest novella, Then Came You, will introduce you to Garner Bradford, the heir to his family's shipping empire.   When Garner first lays eyes on Sylvie,  he instantly falls in love with her.   Unfortunately, Garner walks away from his Godly belief-system and before you know it, Sylvie becomes pregnant.   Once baby Willow is four weeks old,  Sylvie decides to walk away and leave Garner holding the bag!

Soon a new character enters the scene.  Kathleen has  just graduated from college and is looking to land a job.   She finally locates an opportunity at Bradford shipping and is looking forward to a new challenge in her life.   As Kathleen is trying to settle into her new job,  Garner is trying to figure out life as a single father.   He soon meets a young woman named Kate and they get married.  They soon have a baby girl, named Nora,  who adds to Garner's family.  You will be  surprised to learn that two years later, Kate violently is killed!

At this point, I put down this novella.   I did not care for the negative direction it seemed to be moving. I was highly disappointed because I have loved all the previous books by Becky Wade!

March 11, 2017

Finding Stephanie

Finding Stephanie is the final entry to Susan May Warren's Noble Legacy series.  While her brothers Nick and Rafe have left their family
home to make something of their lives, Stephanie Noble has stayed behind trying to keep things afloat on the ranch.  She has spent a lot of her free time rescuing wounded and abandoned horses; so when Sunny, the first horse she rescued, suddenly dies, Stephanie feels an emptiness left behind.  Stephanie sees herself as a defender of the oppressed, so when she sees the brokenness in the eyes of three young people, who seem to have nowhere to call home, she cannot resist opening her home to offer them a safe place to temporarily reside!

Stephanie came upon Haley and Macey, as well as their older brother, Gideon, outside a burning building.  These three had been using this unoccupied house as a place to stay warm and had accidentally started the fire.  Unfortunately, they did not know that the new owner, Lincoln Cash, Hollywood star, has just appeared on the scene to see his home, on the ranch he just purchased, go up in smoke!  Lincoln had just received the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, so he was looking forward to relocating to his new, quiet home in Montana.  Now he is left with a mess to clean up!

As you watch Lincoln and Stephanie work together to build a safe world for Haley, Macey and Gideon, you will also see sparks beginning to form.  While Lincoln and Stephanie learn to deal with hurts from their past, you learn of a dark force working against them.  One moment you think Lincoln has a crazed fan from his past stalking him; however, you soon learn that Gideon's past is coming back to haunt them all.  Hang on for this wild ride!

March 5, 2017

Taming Rafe

In Susan May Warren's tale Taming Rafe, when you see Rafe Noble crash into Katherine Breckinridge's New York City fundraising event with his truck, you have no idea how Katherine will respond.  She is attempting to raise money to
save Mercy Hospital, the non-profit group that had been her mother's life work.  If Katherine fails, she feels like she will lose the last connection she has with her mother!

Little does Katherine know that Rafe has just lost his best friend, Manuel, in a bull-riding event and he is carrying the blame for Manuel's death on his shoulders.  As you watch Katherine follow Rafe back to recover at his family's ranch, you will be surprised to learn that Katherine has connections to more people in Phillips, Montana, than just Rafe Noble.  Katherine's past is deep in the soil of this town!

Hang on as both Katherine and Rafe deal with deep hurts from their pasts.  You will be surprised to learn by the final pages that a woman that Katherine has befriended in Phillips is actually her birth mother!

March 1, 2017

Drops of Gold

I recently ordered A Fine Gentleman, the newest tale from Sarah Eden.  Thinking of Sarah Eden, one of my favorite authors, lead me to go back and re-read one of her former books, Drops of Gold.  I loved this tale as much on my second reading as the first!

Drops of Gold is set in the English countryside, in the mid-nineteenth century.  You are introduced to Marion as she is traveling to what she hopes will be a new place of employment, The Meadows.  Marion's father recently passed away and she has been left destitute with no money and no place to rest her head.  She is hoping to acquire a position as governess to five year old, Miss Caroline Jonquil.  When Marion arrives at The Meadows, she finds a delightful little girl; however, her father, Layton Jonquil, seems to be angry at the world!

Following the death of his wife, Layton has closed himself off to so much in his life.  It is interesting to watch him slowly open up and learn to find joy again in the world.  You will also be surprised to find by the final pages of this tale that Marion did not come from the lower class, but instead she is from a much higher level of society!

Hold on as you watch Marion and Layton make plans to build a life together!

This was yet again a lighthearted and enjoyable read.  Definitely worth the time and effort!

February 21, 2017

Through the Eyes of a Lion

On the pages of Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko, you will see the heart of a father in the midst of losing his five year old daughter to death.  You will also see how his awesome God never left his side through it all!

It is encouraging as you watch this family learn that on the other side of mourning and loss, God has another plan in store.  A plan that is full of more purpose and life than you could ever imagine!