September 30, 2015

A Promise Kept

A Promise Kept, written by Robin Lee Hatcher, tells two stories of love lost.  First, you are introduced to Allison Kavanagh.  She is moving to set up residence in the cabin her great-aunt Emma had left to her upon her death.  Allison is trying to put her life back together following her recent divorce.  After a twenty-plus year marriage, she has finally decided to stop enabling her former husband, Tony, in his alcoholic ways!

As Allison slowly settles into her new environment, she begins to meet people in the small town of Kings Meadow.  As she is making new friends in this new place, it also seems like she is getting to know her great-aunt Emma in a whole new way.  When Allison finds all the journals that tell the story of Emma's life, she gets a glimpse at all the joys as well as the sorrows that Emma experienced throughout her ninety years of life!

As you learn about how God held Emma fast through the loss of her husband's place in her life, you wonder where God is leading Allison in this new place she is in!

September 26, 2015

From The Start

On the opening pages of From the Start, the latest from Melissa Tagg, you find Kate Walker trying to make sense of her life.  She has been a somewhat successful scriptwriter for several years; however, deep down she wants to write something with real meaning.  When Kate learns that both her father and sister were involved in a destructive tornado, you find her heading from her current home in Chicago to her hometown of Maple Valley, Iowa.  Kate has no idea what she will find!

When Kate arrives at home, she is shocked to find her father's arm in a sling; however, the first shock she encounters is to find the best friend of her older brother, Logan, former NFL quarterback Colton Greene, sleeping in her bed!  That is more than she can take!  Before you know it, Kate has agreed to write a book about Colton Greene's life experiences.  The next surprise will be watching Kate and Colton slowly begin to fall in love with each other!

Watch closely, as both Kate and Colton begin to deal with deep hurts from their past.  It is awesome to see the kind of transformation that only God can bring to lives!

September 19, 2015

The Columbus Code

The Columbus Code is the latest novel by Mike Evans.  On the opening pages, you are introduced to John Winters.  John is a Secret Service agent, who following a raid that has left him unable to recall all the details that occurred, is currently on administrative leave.  Since this operation, John is often awakening from sleep with a racing heart and in a sense of panic!

When John's mother suddenly dies, he finds himself back in his hometown.  While he is spending some time taking care of his mother's estate, he runs across a letter she left for him.  His mother had been researching their family's genealogy.  She believed that one of their ancestors was Christopher Columbus!  She wants John to continue this search.  You will not believe what John finds and where he ends up as he journeys first to Barcelona, Spain and then to Jerusalem, before he finally ends up back in the United States at the New York Stock Exchange!

You will meet Maria Winters, his estranged daughter, when her business trip overseas becomes intertwined with the details and the characters of John's search!  Hang on to see if John and Maria's relationship will be restored!!!

At the end of this fast moving tale, you get a strong sense that a sequel will soon be following!

I received this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for my unbiased review.

September 15, 2015

All Is Bright

All Is Bright is the latest novella by Colleen Coble.  This tale follows the storyline that began in her novel, Tidewater Inn, from the Hope Beach series.  At the beginning of this tale, you are re-introduced to Delilah Carter, the manager of the Tidewater Inn.  Delilah is in the process of helping her friend, Elin Summerall, prepare for her upcoming wedding. She is on the road to town to complete some last-minute wedding preparations, when she notices a large black truck about to rear-end her.  Before she knows it, Delilah and her vehicle are careening off the edge of the road, headed for the ocean!

The Hope Beach sheriff, Tom Bourne, soon learns about Delilah's near death experience.  When it becomes apparent that this situation was no accident, Tom quickly involves himself with the investigation to try to find some answers for Delilah.  As Tom looks for answers that might be related to Delilah's past, he learns about her tragic past, when both of her parents died, leaving her as an orphan at a young age!

Now, someone is clearly stalking Delilah, leaving strange messages whenever she answers the phone; however, she has no idea who it could be.  Tom begins to search for Delilah's brother, who has not been located for the past twenty years. When Tom finally reconnects with Adam Carter, he knows he has a wonderful gift to give Delilah; however, he still has no answer to the question of who her stalker is!

When the truth finally comes out, you will not believe who came out of Delilah's past intent on inflicting harm!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review


September 9, 2015

The Perfect Arrangment: An October Wedding Story

The Perfect Arrangement is the latest novella written by Katie Ganshert.  You meet Amelia Woods as she is trying to get an up-close look at her former college boyfriend's wedding.  As she is trying to keep an eye on the wedding party, she becomes distracted and rear-ends the car in front of her!

After Amelia shares her contact information with the man she rear-ended, she hightails it out of the area.  Amelia just wants to go home and hide.  As Amelia slowly moves on with her life, she begins to develops a friendship with Nate, the man she rear-ended, as they exchange e-mail  back and forth.  She soon learns that Nate's sister is the bride, who married her former college boyfriend!

What will happen when Nate suddenly learns that Amelia has been hiding this truth from him?

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review

September 8, 2015

As You Are

As You Are is the third book in Sarah Eden's Jonquil brothers series.  You are introduced to Corbin Jonquil on the opening pages of this tale as he sits in church trying to pay attention to the vicar's message.  He is being totally distracted by a beautiful widow and her two young children.  He can easily interact with young Alice; however, when it comes to approaching her mother, Clara, he becomes all tongue-tied!

Corbin is caught off-guard when Clara shows up at his horse farm to ask him if he has a small job that her 7-year-old son, Edmund, could perform at his farm.  Edmund loves horses and Clara is looking for a way to give her quiet son some outdoors activity.  Corbin immediately agrees to give this young boy a try.  As Corbin begins interacting with Edmund on a daily basis, he also begins to learn a lot more about this family. 

As Clara learns to look through what appears to be arrogance to see Corbin's generous heart, she wonders if she has finally found the man who can rescue her from the violence of her past.  Hold on until the final pages to discover where Clara and Corbin end up!

September 5, 2015

A Noble Masquerade

A Noble Masquerade, the debut novel of Kristi Ann Hunter, follows the storyline she introduced in her recent novella, A Lady of Esteem.  On the opening pages, you are re-introduced to Lady Miranda Hawthorne.  She is tasked with helping her younger sister, Georgina, in her first introduction to the London society.  This is a hard task for a woman entering her fourth year in society, with no future husband in sight!!!

This is a lighthearted, fast moving tale that you will have a hard time putting down.  When you see Miranda beginning to develop feelings for her older brother's new valet, Marlow, you have no idea what will happen next!

Hang on to see Miranda's surprise when she discovers who the valet really is!  You will be surprised and excited to see the situation that Miranda finds herself in by the final pages of this tale!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.