December 26, 2016

Bespoke: a Tiny Christmas Tale

Bespoke: a Tiny Christmas Tale, by Amanda Dykes, is a very short novella that tells a tale of how God can bring something beautiful from a place that has been drastically destroyed!

As a young girl, Aria St. John, the daughter of the famous conductor Giovanni St. John, had been severely damaged in a fire.  When Giovanni and Aria return to the scene of the disaster that took away her ability to make beautiful music, Giovanni has no idea that Aria has plans to have the instruments, that she can no longer play, melted down to use to make a grand entrance at her father's Christmas Eve concert!

Aria works with her childhood friend, James Shaw, who is currently the village blacksmith, to design and build a gleaming bicycle out of her former instruments.  You wonder whether her father will be able to forgive the hardships of the past as you see Aria triumphantly ride toward her father on the final pages of this tale!

December 21, 2016

The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill

The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill is the latest novel from Julie Klassen. The tale opens in the village of Ivy Hill, England, in the year 1820.  Jane Bell has been a widow for the past year.  Upon her husband, John's death, Jane discovered that he had left his coaching inn for her to manage.  She cannot believe her eyes, when one day she sees her former mother-in-law, Thora Bell, walking uninvited up to her front door!

After a employee contacts her by mail, Thora has decided that she cannot stand by and watch her former inn, The Bell, lose its high standing in her hometown of Ivy Hill.  Upon learning that John had left a large loan unpaid, Jane and Thora discover that The Bell is at risk of being turned over to the bank.  Now Jane and Thora know that they must forgive old grievances and work together to save the inn!

Sit back and watch Jane and Thora work with everything they have to save The Bell and in the process, save their relationship!  This opening novel to Julie Klassen's new series, Tales from Ivy Hill, leaves you looking forward to learning more about these characters, in the books yet to come!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

December 11, 2016

Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful is the latest holiday novella by Susan May Warren.  This tale is part of the Montana Fire series.  You will meet up with CJ St. John and Hannah Butcher as they are training to join a team of smokejumpers and you will see that through hard work, they are soon added to the group.  When the plane, that is transporting the team to fight a fire literally falls from the sky, many of the team are severely injured.  CJ, himself, is left amongst the wreckage, with a broken pelvis and fighting to stay alive!

After Hannah fights with everything she has to keep him warm and to keep the wolves at bay, CJ promises her that, if they are rescued,  they will dance at their friends upcoming wedding!  Once they are rescued, CJ does not know for sure if he has the strength and the willpower to go through a physical recovery again.  He had already had to learn to walk again after he was thrown from a bull and left to recover from a broken tailbone.  After failing at both bullriding and smokejumping, CJ does not know where to turn his focus for his future!

When Hannah turns up, at his family's ranch, to literally force CJ to attend their friends wedding with her, you will not believe the events that await them.  Both Hannah and CJ will have to trust in their God to bring them through a situation that will bring them to the end of their own abilities!

December 3, 2016

One Enchanted Eve

In Melissa Tagg's latest Christmas novella, One Enchanted EveRylan Jefferson, the instructor at the Denver Culinary Institute, must suddenly call 911. One of her students, Colin Renwycke, has accidentally set the classroom on fire!

Rylan has been looking for an opportunity to kick Colin out of her class; however, after Chef Potts, the owner of the school, seems to approve of Colin's variation to his assignment of "Baked Alaska," Rylan begins to have second thoughts about taking such an action.  Before you know it, Rylan has accepted Colin's offer to help her create an outstanding dish that could open the door for her to run her own kitchen!

Before you know it, Rylan and Colin are heading out to Colin's hometown of Maple Valley, Iowa.  As Rylan and Colin settle in and begin trying to develop a new dish for her, Rylan soon learns that Colin's family relationships are in dire shape.  When Colin's brother Drew suddenly returns from his honeymoon, these two brothers almost instantly get into a fist fight!

The One Enchanted Eve's story line follows Melissa's previous novella, One Enchanted Christmas, which told the story of Colin's brother, Drew.  Hang on to see where Rylan and Colin, as well as his entire family, end up by the final pages of this latest tale!

November 22, 2016

A Sensible Arrangement

I have not read any Tracie Peterson in awhile, so I thought I would give A Sensible Arrangement a try!  You will learn on the opening pages that Marty Olson has responded to a newspaper advertisement seeking a woman from Texas to marry Jake Wythe, a man living in Denver.  The only catch is that this is to be a marriage in name only!

This was a fun tale as you watch Marty and Jake learn more about each other and this new marriage they find themselves in.  The only conflicts that arise seem to involve Jake's job at the bank.  As you watch a national financial crash fall on the population of Denver, you will see Marty and Jake leaning on their faith in God to help them handle to problems that arrive!

This was an interesting tale; however, I found the ending a bit lacking!

November 14, 2016

The Silent Songbird

On the opening pages of The Silent Songbird, the latest from Melanie Dickerson, you will meet Evangeline.  The king of England is Evangeline's guardian and she must marry whomever he chooses for her; unfortunately, Lord Shiveley, the man whom the king has selected, makes the young Evangeline shiver in fear. She has heard the rumors that this lord killed his first wife!!

When the king and Lord Shiveley suddenly arrive at the castle, Evangeline quickly makes plans to flee as soon as possible.  As Evangeline and her companion, Muriel, leave the castle, they join up with a small group of men traveling to their home town of Glynval.  Muriel tells the leader of this group,Westley le Wyse, that she and Evangeline are looking for work; however, she keeps quiet about the fact that Evangeline is pretending to be mute to hide the fact that she is really the king's ward!

In spite of having to work as a common laborer, Evangeline soon feels right at home in Glynva.  Her positive feelings grow even stronger the more time she spends with Westley.  Evangeline even steps in to save Westley's life, when his childhood friend knocks him out and leaves him to drown!

This tale is filled with so much action.  You will not believe where these characters end up by the final pages!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.

November 8, 2016

If Ever I Would Leave You

If Ever I Would Leave You is the prequel to Susan May Warren's recent series entitled A Montana Rescue.  On the opening pages. you meet two of the main characters of this tale, Sierra Rose and Ian Shaw.  You will see them again on the pages of the following books in this series.  It is interesting to watch as their relationship develops from one book to the next!

You get an inside look at Ian's relationship with his niece and ward, Esme.  While Ian is expecting Esme to be preparing to leave for college, he finds that she has run away with her not-so-reliable boyfriend, Dante.  Ian is afraid that Esme is either lost or injured on the trails of the Glacier National Park!

Watch the Peak Rescue Unit begin to form as so many in town are attempting to locate these two young people.  You will also see where this moment of crisis is taking the relationship between Sierra and Ian.  Hang on for the rocky ride!

November 5, 2016

You Don't Have To Be A Star

You Don't Have To Be A Star is a prequel for Susan May Warren's latest series, Montana Fire: Summer of Fire.  After a bomb explodes in movie star, MacKenzie Grace's home, her agent sends her away from LA to stay with his cousin, former green beret Luke Alexander, deep in the back woods of Tennessee.  MacKensie is not quite sure how to deal with the off-grid lifestyle that is required in this location that is far from the eyes of the paparazzi!

You soon learn that Luke has issues of his own to deal with, from his father losing his mind to Alzheimer's to the guilt he feels after losing a team member in a mission gone bad.  It is interesting to see how both MacKensie and Luke deal with the shadows that keep crossing their paths!

Don't miss seeing how Luke and MacKensie learn to trust in their Almighty God in these difficult places, where life seems to be taking them!

November 1, 2016

Devotions for Christmas

Devotions for Christmas is the latest book, from Zondervan Publishers, that will encourage you in the days leading up to and through the Christmas season!

This book is presented in such a way, as to lead you through daily devotions on each day of the month of December.  The graphics and photography of this book make it a no-brainer to give to a friend or loved one as the perfect gift!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.

October 27, 2016

A Royal Christmas Wedding

 A Royal Christmas Wedding is the latest addition to Rachel Hauck's The Royal Wedding series.  The last you saw of Avery Truitt and Prince Colin was on the final pages of Once Upon a Prince, you assumed they were headed off with their individual lives; however, in this latest book, you find that Avery and Colin soon find themselves in the same space again, as Avery and her mother come to Brighton to spend the Christmas holiday.  You wonder if Avery and Prince Colin will find their own happily, ever after in each other's company!

When Avery first met Prince Colin five years ago, she was a seventeen-year-old girl experiencing the excitement of her first love; however, now after experiencing the death of her beloved father and the crash of her volleyball career, due to an injury, Avery definitely feels older and hopefully wiser.  All this seems to go up in smoke when she runs into Colin at a well-attended dance in Brighton, and Colin seems to be the one unable to catch his breath!

Hang on to your seat as you watch Colin in his attempt to reclaim Avery's heart.  It is a fun journey to the very last moment!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.

October 20, 2016

Wild Montana Skies

Wild Montana Skies begins Susan May Warren's latest series,  Montana Rescue.  After her recent overseas military tour, Kacey Faring is coming home to visit her daughter, Aubrey, and to get a few months reprieve before returning to her base in Florida; however, she has no idea that shortly after stepping into Mercy Falls, Montana, she will run into her former fiance, Ben King, now a huge country star!

Although Ben should be in Nashville trying to revamp his career, he has returned to his hometown to help his father, Chet King, recover after an accident has left him with two broken hips.  Chet had already hired a temporary pilot to fill in for him on the PEAK rescue team, and it is none other than Kacey Faring, the woman Ben walked away from thirteen years ago!  Soon Kacey and Ben are in action with the PEAK team, working together to rescue a group of teenagers trapped in the mountains.  Once the team has located the majority of the teens, they realize that two of the teens are still lost.  Kacey is surprised when she learns that one of the lost teens is her daughter, Aubrey, the child she has kept hidden from Ben all these years!

When you learn that neither Ben nor Aubrey have known any of the details of the other's life for the past thirteen years, you know that you will need to prepare for a lot of emotions and hopefully, a reconciliation by the final pages of this tale!

This is an interesting story, full of surprises, as it is relayed as only Susan May Warren can!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

October 16, 2016

Where Two Hearts Meet

Where Two Hearts Meet is the latest tale in Liz Johnson's series, Prince Edward Island Dreams.   When you meet Caden Holt, The Red Door Inn executive chef, her routine day is suddenly interrupted by a guest, Adam Jacobs.  He has arrived a day earlier than he was expected and there is no spot for him to lay his head!  When Caden and the inn's owner learn that a surprise writer will be coming to review their inn, they instantly suspect Adam, who told them that he is a writer himself.  Caden is tasked with showing Adam the sights and sounds of the island, to give him a positive experience of the inn's location!

While Caden and Adam visit the high points of Prince Edward Island, they seem to be slowly building a relationship, that is more than merely business-related; they are actually becoming friends!  As Adam opens up with the hard details of his past, Caden learns that Adam is not the secret writer they were expecting; but rather he is there to write a piece that could hurt the inn's owner, in a much more personal way!

Hold on to see where these characters end up by the final page!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

October 9, 2016

Keep Holding On

Keep Holding On is the latest entry to Melissa Tagg's Walker Family series.  While this book was not as easy to read as the earlier tales were, it is definitely worth the time to learn where Kit Danby and Beckett Walker find themselves at the end of this tale!

After several years away in the high paced world of London, England, Kit Danby has recently returned to her hometown of Maple Valley, Iowa, to check in with her family.  When she sees the state of her family's apple orchard, she knows she needs to roll up her sleeves and get to work.  Kit's father agrees to let her take charge of the orchard, if she is able to turn it around.  Life gets complicated for Kit when her childhood friend, Beckett Walker, suddenly shows up in town as well.  Beckett has taken a break from his work, as an attorney in Boston, to clear up a misunderstanding from his past in Maple Valley; unfortunately, the penalty for this indiscretion turns into hours of community service for Beckett to fulfill!

About 100 pages from the end of this book, I experienced a "Karen Kingsbury" moment, when Melissa Tagg's words actually brought tears to my eyes.  After God finally gets a hold of their hearts, it is interesting to see where Kit and Beckett finally land!

October 1, 2016

Newton & Polly

On the opening pages of Newton & Polly, the latest novel from Jody Hedlund, you will meet the main characters: John Newton and Polly Catlett. On the evening that Newton first hears Polly singing, he is mesmerized by the beauty and purity of her voice!

Newton seems to have fallen hard and fast for this young woman. You wonder what will happen after he must head out to sea.  As Newton seems to get into scrap after scrap, you hope he will make it out alive!

Wait and see how God finally gets ahold of this young man's heart.  After all that Newton will endure, he pens the much loved words to Amazing Grace.  A beautiful example of a life redeemed!

I received this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for my unbiased review.

September 26, 2016

Twilight at Blueberry Barrens

Colleen Coble brought her series, A Sunset Cove, to a grand conclusion in Twilight at Blueberry Barrens.  Get ready for another page turner when you start this tale.  Kate Mason and her twin sister, Claire, are looking for a glimpse of some local wildlife along the Maine shore, when Kate suddenly gets a glimpse instead of the dead bodies of a man and a woman, lying at the base of the cliff!

Drake Newham, the dead man's brother, suddenly shows up in town to try to get some answers as to what and more importantly who caused his brother, Heath's, death.  The local sheriff had concluded that the woman was killed by her husband who then committed suicide; however, Drake cannot believe this conclusion.  Before you know it, Drake is renting a cottage in the area; and Kate suddenly becomes involved in Drake's life, when he hires her as a nanny to his two young nieces for the summer.  As Drake attempts to discover the truth about Heath's death, life in this normally quiet Maine town seems filled with activity.   A young woman visiting town has been found murdered, Kate's uncle Paul has escaped from prison and cannot be found, and on top of it all, a stalker seems to have his sights on Kate!

This book is filled with unknowns and suspense as you journey through its pages to discover the conclusion.  You will be surprised to learn where each character ends up on the final pages of this exciting tale!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.

September 21, 2016

When Love Arrives

When Love Arrives is the second book in Johnnie Alexander's Misty Willow series.  On the opening pages, you are introduced to the main characters of this book, Dani Prescott and Brett Somers. You soon learn that Dani is stalking Brett to gain information that she can use against him.  Dani's mother was the pilot of the plane that crashed years ago killing all aboard the plane, including Brett's parents.  Dani and Brett have had to cope with growing up without their parents.  After Dani hears Brett publicly blaming the crash on her mother, her goal in life becomes reaching out and publicly humiliating Brett Somers himself!

When Dani is secretly taking pictures of Brett outside a children's hospital in Columbus, Ohio, Brett suddenly asks Dani to join him at a local movie theater; and you have no idea what events will follow.  Before you know it, Dani becomes more involved with Brett's life than you ever would have imagined.  When Dani uncovers a secret that could ruin Brett's reputation, you have no idea what she will do.  Brett has just learned that he has a sick child behind the walls of that hospital!

How will Brett respond when he finally learns who Dani's mother is?  How will Dani react when it appears that Brett is literally turning his back on her?  Watch as both Brett and Dani must learn to trust in their awesome God to lead them through this rough patch in both of their lives!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

September 16, 2016

A Lady Unrivaled

On the opening pages of Unrivaled, the latest from Roseanna M. White, you will find Lady Ella Myerston at Ralin Castle, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Stafford.  While Ella is visiting this family, she is also attempting to discover all she can about the Fire Eyes, the diamonds that almost caused the deaths of both her brother, Brice and his wife, Rowena. Ella is determined to do all she can to keep her family safe from any potential danger!

Ella is surprised when she literally runs into Stafford's cousin, Lord Cayton, another visitor at the castle.  As Ella and Cayton become acquainted and learn more about each other, Cayton quickly warns Ella to use caution with her obsession to learn about the Fire Eye diamonds.  When Ella realizes that the family ruby earrings that she borrowed from Rowena are actually the Fire Eye diamonds, she and Cayton know that Ella must find a place to safely store them. When Lord Rushmore suddenly enters the scene with his sister, Catherine, Ella and Cayton realize the importance of keeping these diamonds out of sight, because Rushmore's sole desire is to acquire the Fire Eyes, no matter the cost!

On the final pages of this book, as you follow this fast-moving tale, you will not believe how all of these characters will be affected in the pursuit of these gems!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

September 7, 2016

Secrets of a Spinster

You do not want to miss Secrets of a Spinster, the third novel in Rebecca Connolly's Arrangement series.  Watch as Mary Hamilton decides to enter her final London season on a lark,  hoping to help her sister, Cassandra, who was blacklisted, after she refused one of London's leading bachelors.  Mary is not sure if London will accept her now; however, she knows she can count on her best friend, Geoffrey Harris, to remain by her side!

Geoffrey Harris has a front row seat to view Mary's transformation, as she has asked Geoffrey to be her permanent escort for the season.  Mary is pleasantly surprised when London welcomes her with open arms!  More men show up a her front door than she would ever have imagined.  Soon Geoffrey is confused as he watches Mary transform, not only into a beauty; but also a woman with a sharp and conniving spirit!

Geoffrey has no idea what happened to the sweet girl he had been friends with for all these years.  The other thing that Geoffrey has no idea about is the secret Mary has kept under wraps, throughout their friendship.  Hold on until the final pages, when you will see this secret finally revealed!

September 1, 2016

Just a Kiss

Just a Kiss, the latest novel from Denise Hunter, brings a conclusion to her Summer Harbor series.  You will watch Riley as he walks towards his family and friends, with his heart on the ground, because now, unfortunately, he walks with one less limb!

Riley feels even worse when he learns that the only spot for him to recover is at Paige's home, the woman he is secretly in love with!  What had begun as a close friendship had slowly changed to something more over the years.  Riley must decide how he will now deal with this awkward situation.  You will be surprised when Paige loses her help at the animal shelter and Riley fills in until Paige can find a permanent worker.  You have no idea how Riley will survive spending hours of his day with Paige!

Will Riley ever come to terms with his new limitations?  How will Paige respond when she finally learns of Riley's love for her?  When Riley, suffering with PTSD from his time at war, runs away from Paige, you wonder how his soul will ever find healing.  This was an interesting tale that will have you turning page after page to discover the conclusion!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.

August 28, 2016

The Wedding Shop

The latest book by Rachel Hauck is entitled The Wedding Shop. This book tells the tales of two women from the town of Heart's Bend, Tennessee.  The first woman, Cora Scott, lived here in the 1930's; whereas, the second woman, Haley Morgan, has recently returned to her hometown of Heart's Bend.  Both of these women have a connection to the renowned Wedding Shop that graces the streets of this town.  Hold on to learn what else connects these two women from two very different times in our history!

You watch Cora as she chases after a ship's captain, Rufus St. Claire, a man who is not willing to commit to her in marriage.  All the while you see Birch Good, waiting by the side to see if Cora will ever look his way!  Next, you observe Haley as she attempts to rebuild her life, after a bad relationship has crushed her spirit.  Soon Haley decides to rebuild the town's famous wedding shop, in her attempt to leave a positive mark in this world.  Haley takes on this task with the help of Cole Danner, a friend from the past.  You soon begin to wonder what direction this friendship will eventually take.  As you travel with these two women, they each encounter a difficult road that God has set before them!

This read was a bit difficult as you constantly jump from the past to the present; however, you will be excited to discover the truth of what actually connects these two women on the final pages of this book!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.

August 22, 2016

Home on the Range

Ruth Logan Herne's latest novel is entitled Home on the Range. This book is part of her Double S Ranch series.  You find Nick Stafford traveling deep into the forest to visit a doctor to help address some of the problems his daughters are struggling with in school.  What he finds is a beautiful woman who seems to be living as a hermit!

Once Nick decides to move ahead with this new therapy for his daughters, he cannot believe how quickly Dr. Elsa Andreas is able to bring about a change in both of his troubled daughters spirits!  After struggling through the years after his wife, Whitney, left him and the girls, Nick cannot believe the difference Elsa has brought about in his oldest daughter, Cheyenne's attitude.  Everything seems to be progressing well until Whitney suddenly shows up on the scene!

Cheyenne has been dreaming about her mother's return for years.  How will she react to this surprise visit?  Has Whitney learned to truly love her children?  Watch and see where this family will end up by the end of this tale!

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my unbiased review 

August 15, 2016


On the pages of Univited, the author, Lysa Terkeurst, encourages you to look past the feelings of being left behind, and to instead focus on the truth that you are handpicked by God for His purposes in this world!

As you walk through the up and downs of life and end up feeling rejected yet again, Lysa leads you to ask three simple questions:

Is God good?
Is God good to me?
Do I trust God to be God?

Lysa will lead you to answer these questions and so much more in a way that only Lysa can!

Lysa will also share with you moments in her life, when she has experienced rejection and how God led her to a place of triumph over them.  I am sure you will enjoy this read!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.

August 9, 2016

Guide Me Home

Guide Me Home is the latest from Kim Vogel Sawyer.  This book contains the tale of Rebekah Hardin, a young woman who has grown up in poverty with her family in the hills of Kentucky.  Rebekah is determined to help her six younger sisters and her mother, who has been in a state of depression ever since her only son's death.  Rebekah needs to find a way to earn some money to pay for a stone to mark her brother's grave.  The only job that Rebekah can find is working as a guide in Mammoth Caves.  The only catch is that Rebekah must attempt to pass herself off as a boy!

University student, Devlin Bale is currently residing with his wealthy parents in Lexington, Kentucky.  He has decided to obtain his land surveyor degree by completing his senior project: to create a chart of the tunnels of the Mammoth Cave system.   You will get to watch a friendship grow as Rebekah assists with Devlin's work in developing a chart of this very dark place under the ground!

You will be surprised to see how God finds a way to capture Devlin's heart and to bring Rebekah and Devlin together in more than just a friendship by the end of this tale!

I received this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for my unbiased review.

August 5, 2016

A Heart Most Certain

A Heart Most Certain, the latest from Melissa Jagears, opens with Lydia King approaching Nicholas Lowe, one of the richest men in town, with the intention of asking for a donation for the group she volunteers with at her church.  Mr. Lowe's response is a definite NO!

Lydia absolutely does not want to report her failure to Mrs. Little, the head of their church group, as well as her possible mother-in-law.  As Lydia begins to work with Nicholas in her attempt to acquire his funding, she discovers a whole different person than she had assumed he was.  Nicholas is actually very generous, giving in abundance from his riches!

By walking alongside Nicholas and assisting him in his endeavors, Lydia learns more about the ways he has already been involved in improving the lives of those in town, who are truly in need.  Lydia begins to see Nicholas in a whole, new light.  Her thoughts keep drifting more toward Nicholas than toward Sebastian Little, the man she hoped she would someday marry.  You will be surprised to see how God uses both Lydia and Nicholas to give each other a new outlook on the world and how God may want to use them both!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

August 1, 2016

To Follow Her Heart

In Rebecca DeMarino's latest book, To Follow Her Heart, her third installment in her Southold Chronicles series, the year 1664 has arrived with the news that Captain Jeremy Horton's ship, along with his entire crew, have been lost at sea.  Most in Jeremy's hometown of Southold believe that he is dead.  The single holdout is Patience Terry.  She believes in her heart that Jeremy is still alive!

On the day a funeral is being held to honor Jeremy's life, the mourning is suddenly turned into a celebration when Jeremy appears on the scene!  Patience's rejoicing is soon turned into despair when Jeremy announces that he must join the military forces as they plan an invasion into New Amsterdam.  Patience cannot believe that he will be walking into danger again.  Once Jeremy finally makes it back home safely, you will be as surprised as Patience is when he finally proposes to her!

Patience is so excited to start making plans for their wedding; however, it seems like Jeremy keeps finding reasons to delay setting a date.  Just when Patience believes that Jeremy is finally ready for the wedding to take place, the family suddenly learns that a raging fire has left the Horton estate back in England in shambles!  The attorney overseeing the estate has requested that Jeremy return immediately.  Patience does not know what to do when Jeremy decides to sail back to England.  After the rough experience traveling to this land years ago, Patience cannot bring herself to consider stepping on a ship ever again!

What will Jeremy find when he finally makes it to England?  Will Patience's love for Jeremy be enough to convince her to travel back across the ocean to join him?  Hold on to see what happens on the final pages of this book!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

July 28, 2016

To Capture Her Heart

To Capture Her Heart is the second book in Rebecca DeMarino's series, The Southhold Chronicles.  This book tells the tale of a young Indian woman, Heather Flower.  After a neighboring tribe kills Heather's future husband right before her eyes, Heather is kidnapped by this tribe and they demand a ransom from her father for her safe return.  Once the ransom is in their hands, Heather is left in the forest to die!   Lieutenant Dirk Van Buren has been sent out with a group to find the Indian maiden.  Dirk is struck with awe at Heather's beauty when she is finally located!

When Dirk is finally able to return Heather to her friends and family, he realizes that there is another man who also has an eye for Heather.  Benjamin Horton's family has been friends with Heather's family for years and Benjamin has been in love with Heather for many of those years.  Watch and see what will occur on the pages of this book as these two rivals spar for Heather's attention!

This tale was a bit harder read than the other two books in this series; however, it is worth the time to put all the pieces of this story in place!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

July 26, 2016

Place in His Heart

A Place in His Heart is the first tale in Rebecca DeMarino's series, The Southhold Chronicles.  On the opening pages of this book, you meet Mary Langton.  After being left at the alter, Mary desperately wants to find and marry a man who will love and be there for her.  When Mary crosses paths with Barnabas Horton, a newly widowed man in her hometown, she sees him as a potential alternative to the man her father has planned for her to marry. Barnabas is also in need of a wife to help him raise his two young boys and he sees Mary as an answer to his prayer.   You cannot help but wonder what will occur between these two when you see that Barnabas is still desperately in love with his fist wife!

As you watch Barnabas, a Puritan, plan to take his family to America, the new world forming on the other side of the ocean, you know that there will be hard times ahead.  It is interesting to get a glimpse of what America may have looked like in its first days as you watch Barnabas and Mary struggle to build a life together as they attempt to settle into both this new world and their marriage!

Will Mary ever feel truly accepted by her husband?  Will Barnabas ever be able to love his new wife?  Hold on until the final pages to learn the answers to these questions!

July 22, 2016

41 Will Come

41 Will Come, the first book written by pastor, Chuck E. Tate, will encourage you as you walk through life's tough trials!

The number 40 is frequently mentioned in the Bible in connection with trials that someone is experiencing; however, we do not often consider that the number 41 is right around the corner!

Chuck Tate sets out seven steps to help you move from fear to faith and from indecision to action, when facing your trial.

1.  Know your enemy.
2.  Embrace your cause.
3.  Smash fear in the mouth.
4.  Shake off your doubts and doubters.
5.  Prepare in order to receive a payoff.
6.  Word Up!  Read, study and declare the Word of God!
7.  Attack the giant standing between you and your victory!

Even though this book did not read easily for me at times, the message of this book came through loud and clear on every page!  God alone is our best defense through the trials that threaten to keep us from His purpose for our lives!

NavPress/Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

July 18, 2016

Honor Redeemed

Honor Redeemed is the latest from Christine Johnson.  You meet Prosperity Jones on the opening pages of this novel.  This young woman, who lives quietly in Nantucket, has just lost her mother after her long struggle with consumption.  Having previously lost her father in a whaling accident, Prosperity now has no one to turn to but her fiance, Lieutenant David Latham.  David is currently stationed at a fort in Key West; and as Prosperity makes plans to travel to meet up with him, she has no idea what to expect when she arrives in this new place!

Only hours after Prosperity plants her feet on the soil of Key West, she is surprised to learn that while David has been stationed far away from her, he has actually married a woman from the island!  Now Prosperity must decide where to turn next.  After she finds a position at a local hospital, Prosperity is surprised when she is drawn to a call at David's home to assist with his new wife as she is in the midst of giving birth.  To Prosperity's surprise, the baby boy cannot be David's child.  The tone of the baby's skin points to someone else as his father!

This story grows more complicated as you see David's wife die in childbirth and then you also see Prosperity begin to develop a close friendship with a local doctor, Dr. Clayton Goodenow.  You have no idea what will happen when it appears David has been afflicted with yellow fever!  Wait and see where Prosperity will end up by the end of this tale!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

July 13, 2016

The Loyal Heart

The Loyal Heart is the latest book from Shelley Shephard Gray. Robert Truax, a lieutenant in the Confederate army, has been captured and relocated to a Yankee prison.  During his time in prison, Robert makes a pact with some of his fellow inmates.  If and when they are finally released, they would have each other's backs.  No matter what crisis they may encounter, they will be there for each other, no matter what!

Once Robert is released from prison and has started rebuilding his life, he suddenly finds himself traveling to Galveston, Texas to check on the widow of Phillip Markham, one of the soldiers in his prison pact who died just months before the war ended.  What Robert finds is that Miranda Markham, now a shell of a woman, is barely existing in the midst of a community who thinks that Phillip was a traitor to the confederate cause.  Robert knows that he must step in and step in fast!

Watch and see how Robert fights, along with two other members of the pact, to improve Miranda's standing in this town, by revealing that Phillip was truly honorable and a hero in the war.  You will be surprised to see where Miranda lands by the end of this tale!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review

July 9, 2016

To Love a Stranger

I recently received a copy of To Love a Stranger, written by Colleen Coble.  This book is a reprint of one of Colleen Coble's earlier series entitled Wyoming.  On the opening pages, you meet Bessie Randall.  She has just learned that her younger sister, Lenore, has been corresponding with a man from Utah named Jasper Mendenhall.  To make matters worse, Lenore has also used Bessie's name to marry this man by proxy!

Bessie decides she must honor this commitment and she begins the long journey from Boston to Utah.  Once Bessie arrives at Fort Bridger, Jasper is surprised when he finds his wife to be a plain-faced woman instead of the beautiful girl from the photograph he had received in the mail!

Hold on as you see how Bessie and Jasper slowly begin to learn about each other.  Bessie wonders how Jasper will ever be able to love her after he has had his mind set on her beautiful, younger sister. This is an interesting journey to see how Bessie learns to survive in this land that is so different from her former world with a man who may never learn to love her!  

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.

July 6, 2016

An Elegant Facade

An Elegant Facade, the latest novel by Kristi Ann Hunter, opens with Lady Georgina Hawthorne traveling into town with her older sister, Lady Miranda.  This evening will be the beginning of Georgina's debut season; however, it will also be the start of Miranda's fourth season!  Georgina's only hope is to find a potential mate before her own secret is revealed!

From the start Miranda seems to have her eye on one of Georgina's top choices for a potential mate, the Duke of Marshington.  When Miranda actually marries the Duke about half-way through this tale, Georgina suddenly must turn her focus elsewhere.  After her maid, Harriette, falls and is unable to provide her assistance, Georgina does not know if she can keep her secret hidden.  Georgina does not know how to read or write!

When Mr. Colin McCrae, a close friend to both of Geogina's brothers, learns her secret; he begins helping her.  You wonder what in the world will come of the mismatched coupling!  As Georgina focuses on pursuing several other gentlemen, she cannot seem to keep her thoughts from drifting toward Colin.  You will be surprised to see where she finally lands by the end of this tale!

Reading this book was slow at the start, but thankfully picked up its pace by the final pages!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

June 26, 2016

Hope Harbor

In Irene Hannon's book, Hope Harbor, you find Michael Hunter rolling into Hope Harbor, Oregon, only to find the hotel, where he had booked reservations, locked down with no explanation in sight!

 Michael is taking a leave of absence from his job in Chicago in the hopes of sorting out his life.  Now he simply must find a new place to rest his head for the next few weeks.  When Michael visits the beach area and he meets Anna Williams, it seems he has found an answer to his problem.  Anna has an annex on her house that is available for rent to tourists.  Michael latches onto this opportunity for a quiet spot to rest while he continues searching for a new direction for his life!

After Michael literally stumbles into Tracy Campbell, he has no idea that they both have pain from their past that needs healing.  Watch and see how God will intervene and meet Michael and Tracy's needs in this little coastal town that lives up to its name, Hope!

This tale is published by Revell.

June 18, 2016

From This Moment

You find Romulus White on the opening pages of From This Moment, the latest novel written by Elizabeth White.  Romulus is determined to convince Evelyn, his cousin and co-owner of the magazine, Scientific World, to add Stella West, a world-renowned illustrator, to their staff.  Romulus knows that Stella is currently in Boston; but what he does not know is that she is not here to work, but to find the person who killed her sister!

Stella has landed a job as a stenographer at City Hall, the last place where her sister, Gwendolyn, worked before her death.  Stella is determined to follow Gwendolyn's last steps in hopes of finding some clues to who may have been involved with her sister's death.  All Stella seems to be finding are closed doors everywhere she turns; that is, until she finally crosses paths with Romulus, who is definitely a man who knows people and knows how to get things done in Boston.  Now Stella's problem is that Romulus is convinced, along with everyone else in town, that Gwendolyn's death was an accident!

This is an interesting and fast-paced tale as you watch Stella and Romulus in their attempts to uncover the details of Gwendolyn's death.  You wonder who is closer to the truth until the final pages of this tale. Will it be Stella or perhaps Romulus?

June 13, 2016

Summer of Dreams

Summer of Dreams is the latest tale from Elizabeth Camden. When you are introduced to Evelyn White and Clyde Baxter on the opening pages, you learn that Evelyn's father, General White, has sent a young cadet from West Point to assist his daughter with a problem she has not been able to solve herself!

With the help of her cousin, Romulus, Evelyn has built a greenhouse in which to store her exotic plants and wildlife; however, she has been unable to provide the proper humidity needed to sustain life in the greenhouse and she needs help setting up a new hydraulic pump!  Evelyn's primary problem now is that she wants to be the one to solve her problem not someone else, because she wants to prove to her father that she needs to go to college to study engineering herself!

Clyde has agreed to this job in hopes that it will help remove some of the demerits that may keep him from graduating; however, when he finally sees the greenhouse, he is excited to start looking for a solution to the problem!  As soon as Clyde meets Evelyn, he also wants to learn everything there is to know about her.  As you watch the feelings begin to grow between Evelyn and Clyde, you cannot help but wonder what will happen next.  Due to the way that Evelyn was raised with a military father who was rarely home, she has absolutely refused to consider marrying anyone in the military!

You will be surprised at what Evelyn decides to do after Clyde is expelled from school, when he leaves West Point without permission to spend time helping Romulus keep from being expelled from Harvard!  This is a fun tale not to be missed!

Following the tale in this novella comes the book, From This Moment.  If you enjoyed meeting Romulus in Summer of Dreams, you will love this new book by Elizabeth White that is all about Romulus's new direction for his life!

June 8, 2016

Someone Like You

Someone Like You is the latest novel from Victoria Bylin. You meet Zeke Monroe on the opening pages of this book. Zeke is the general manager at Caliente Springs resort and he has a big problem on his hands. Zeke must save not only this resort from bankruptcy, but also the jobs of the two hundred plus employees on his staff. When Zeke learns that Julia Dare, a face from his past, is arriving for a business meeting, he is not sure what will transpire next!

Years ago Zeke and Julia met and dated in college; however, their relationship ended with Zeke under a cloud of guilt. He has no idea what will happen when they meet again. After they meet. it quickly appears that the old feelings are still alive! As Zeke and Julia begin to renew their friendship, neither one can believe how the other's belief in God has made an about face!

This is an interesting tale as both Julia and Zeke have their eyes on saving this resort. You will not believe all the trouble they will encounter along the way.  You wonder through all the chaos if Julia's new faith will continue to grow and if Zeke will find his way back to his heavenly Father who has never stopped loving him!

June 4, 2016

A Haven on Orchard Lane

I had not seen any new novels written by Lawana Blackwell in years; so I was excited to stumble upon A Haven on Orchard Lane. Lawana's latest book is as easy to read as all her previous novels.  This tale is a delightful journey to take with the book's primary characters: Charlotte Ward and her daughter, Rosalind!

Charlotte Ward is a former actress who is currently in a marriage that will not allow her any freedom.  When Charlotte is finally able to make her escape, her reentry into London's theater world is met with failure!

Rosalind is on break from the school where she is currently teaching and finds herself with time on her hands.  When Rosalind hears the ugly gossip being proclaimed about Charlotte in the papers, even though she has not seen her mother in years, she knows that she must reach out to try to find her. Rosalind and Charlotte surprisingly cross paths at the railway station where Charlotte's husband is trying to force her to return home.  Rosalind steps in to take Charlotte by the hand and lead her in a new direction!

Charlotte and Rosalind end up in Port Stilwell, a small fishing village that neither woman had ever visited before.  You will not believe how both lives are transformed in this quiet corner of the world by the end of this tale!

A Haven on Orchard Lane was a delightful read.  You do not want to miss this one!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

June 2, 2016

The Boden Birthright

The Boden Birthright is the latest novella written by Mary Connealy to introduce her new series, The Cimarron Legacy.  This story is a quick read to present the background of the leading man, Chance Boden, of her new line of tales!

You will meet Chance, as well as his young son Colin, as they journey into America's new frontier.  Chance finally finds a spot to establish their new home in New Mexico when he meets Frank Chastain and his beautiful daughter, Veronica!

Chance experiences some initial sparks toward "Ronnie" during this introduction; however, you have no idea how the events that are right around the corner will bring dramatic changes to the lives of each character in this tale!  

This is a series that will definitely be a fun read!

June 1, 2016

Sea Rose Lane

In the Irene Hannon's latest tale, Sea Rose Lane, Eric Nash makes quite the entrance into his hometown of Hope Harbor, Oregon.  While he is talking on his cell phone, he runs his car into the rear end of BJ Stevens's truck!

After an unexpected layoff from his job, Eric has some time on his hands to visit his father before he finds a new place to continue building his career as a lawyer.  Soon after Eric lands back at his childhood home with his damaged BMW, he discovers that his father is having his home remodeled to convert the space into a B&B.  Eric is surprised to find that his father's architect is none other than BJ Stevens!  As Eric learns more about who BJ really is and his feelings for her begin to grow, you realize that this life transition will not be as simple as Eric originally expected!

Watch and see as BJ and Eric join forces to help those in need in their town.  You get a strong feeling that God is growing something bigger than either BJ or Eric could have imagined!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

May 31, 2016

The Valley of Dry Bones

The Valley of Dry Bones is the latest novel by Jerry Jenkins.  The author takes you to a futuristic scene where the state of California has been vacated of the majority of its citizens due to a lack of drinking water and the tragic results of the out-of-control fires and earthquakes!

Remaining on the scene is a group of Christians, who call themselves The Holdouts. They feel that God has called them to share His hope with any who have remained in this uninhabitable place.  As this group attempts to fulfill their calling from the underground compound they built to protect themselves from the elements and from the Mongers, the criminals who are out to steal and pillage wherever they can find anything of value, you wonder how they will be able to survive!

The tale leaps into high speed by the final pages of this book.  What will happen when a member of the Holdouts suspects that there might be an enemy in their midst?  How will the Holdouts respond when they discover that the U.S. government is planning to arrest the leaders of their group?

Wait and see as Jerry Jenkins tells a tale that will show how God can work through men to fulfill His ultimate purpose in these days!

I received this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for my unbiased review.

May 25, 2016

The Beautiful Pretender

The latest novel by Melanie Dickerson, The Beautiful Pretender, opens with Reinhart Stolten, the Margrave of Thornton, returning from hunting down the wolves in the forest on his property.  As he enters his home, he discovers that he has received a letter from the king.  The king is suggesting that Reinhart marry in an attempt to bring unity between the noblemen of the country. He cannot believe that the King expects him to marry a woman he has never even seen!

Lord Thornton decides to host a party so that he will have time to meet some of the daughters of his fellow noblemen and hopefully find his bride.  After Lord Primmwald's daughter, Dorothea runs away with one of his knights, he decides to order her maidservant, Avelina, to fill in and pretend to be his daughter.  Avelina also learns that she must not allow the Margrave to propose to her, but only to leave him with a good impression of Lord Primmwald.  Unfortunately, Avelina is unable to hold up her end of the deal.  Not only is she unable to point Lord Thornton toward another one of the hopeful daughters, but Avelina soon finds herself starting to develop feelings for Lord Thornton herself!

After Lord Thornton actually selects Avelina as his future bride, the truth finally comes out that Avelina is not a nobleman's daughter!  When another nobleman, the Duke of Geitbart, attempts to capture Lord Thornton and take control of his property; you will be anxiously waiting for this tale to come to a closure!

This is a great tale for the young-adult audience.  The tale is fast-paced as you attempt to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.  Enjoy the ride!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.

May 16, 2016

The Alliance

On the first pages of Jolina Petersheim's latest novel, The Alliance, you will see Moses Hughes's plane crash in the middle of Leora Ebersole's property.  Leora cannot understand what in the world has just happened.  When the Englischers cars and cellphones stop working as well, the people of this old-order Mennonite community realize that something very serious has occurred!

When Moses finally regains consciousness, his military background tells him that perhaps an EMP has struck the area. Moses begins to encourage this community to form an alliance with the few Englischers in the area to protect their homes from the potential danger that may be coming.  As you watch these two groups of people with very different moral backgrounds attempt to work together, you have no idea what will happen!

What will Leora and Moses do when they discover that someone within their community is actively working against them?  What actions will the leaders of this community decide to take when they learn that a large gang of thieves is headed their way?  Finally, how will Leora respond when she looks into her father's eyes again, years after he abandoned his family!

This was an interesting tale with an ending that you will never expect!

I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review

May 13, 2016

Dawn at Emberwilde

You are introduced to Isabel Creston on the opening pages of Dawn at Emberwilde, the latest novel by Sarah Ladd.  Isabel is a young woman who was left at the Fellsworth School as a young girl.  As Isabel waits for a new opportunity to open up for her to work as a governess, a stranger arrives at the school with the news that Isabel has an aunt, unknown to Isabel, who has invited Isabel to relocate to live with her family at Emberwilde. Walk along with Isabel as she travels down this new path to a destination that she knows nothing about!

As Isabel attempts to familiarize herself with her new home and lifestyle at Emberwilde, she finds herself missing her former world.  Life was harder in a lot of ways at Fellsworth; however, the rules that her aunt insists on in her new world are almost suffocating!  Isabel soon senses that her aunt's primary goal is to get Isabel married off as soon as possible.  Mr. Bradford, the supervisor of the foundling home located on Emberwild's property, is her aunt's first choice for her future husband; however, when Isabel meets Colin Galloway, a man her aunt would never select, her eye seems to be turned his way instead!

There is a lot of action and mystery contained in the tale.  Who is involved with the criminal activity  in the depths of the forest surrounding Emberwilde?  Why is Isabel's aunt pushing so hard for Isabel to be married by a certain date?  What could be the mystery involving Isabel's grandfather's estate?  Hang on until the last page of this tale to learn the answers to these questions and so much more!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.

May 8, 2016

Her One and Only

Her One and Only is the last entry in Becky Wade's most recent series.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first three books in this series and this final book did not disappoint!

Dru Porter grew up in a male dominated world with three older brothers; however, she has managed to make a unique name for herself working as a bodyguard.  Her latest client is Gray Fowler, a superstar in the NFL who has been receiving threatening letters from a stalker, yet unidentified.  Dru takes her job very seriously, so she does not know how to handle it when she starts to be drawn toward Gray.  When you learn that Gray and one of his teammates make a bet concerning which one will be able to get Dru to kiss them first, you are on pins and needles waiting for Dru to erupt in anger when she learns the truth!

When Dru's feelings for Gray grow to the point that she feels that she should be taken off his protection detail, Gray does take this decision very well.  Everyone is relieved when Gray's stalker is finally identified and charged; however, Dru does not stop looking at all the angles because something tells her they should still keep an eye out for Gray's safety!

Will danger eventually make its presence known in Gray's world and will Gray finally be free of the demons from his past?  This is a great tale that wraps up the details of the lives of the Porter family!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

May 1, 2016

I Really do Miss Your Smile

I Really do Miss Your Smile, written by Susan May Warren, is a novella that tells the tale of when and where the saga of the Christiansen family began.  This short story contains a fun tale that must not be missed!

I have read and enjoyed each novel in the Christiansen Family series.  It was great to also read this story about how John and Ingrid first met when she vacationed with her family every summer at his family's lodge, how they fell in love and after a bit of difficulty, how they finally decided to build a life together!

This novella is definitely worth the read!

April 26, 2016

A Flight of Arrows

A Flight of Arrows, the latest novel by Lori Benton, opens with a young Indian mother quietly recounting the story of his birth to her young son, Two Hawks. How his twin brother was taken by Reginald Aubrey, a man who lost his own child to death. This man left behind a family so full of grief that the mother finally had no option but to cast out her warrior husband, Stone Thrower, because he was so full of rage!

This is an interesting tale to follow as you watch these characters deal with this fast changing world of the early days at the birth of America.  Stone Thrower and his wife both longing to look into the eyes of the child who was taken from them so many years ago!  Reginald Aubrey leaning to deal with his grief over the consequences that his theft has caused after so many years!  His adopted daughter, Anna, longing after Two Hawks, the twin who is from a world that Anna knows nothing about!  Finally, there is William, the young man whose sense of realty has been torn apart when he learns that the parents he was born to are not the ones who have raised and formed his life!

As you see Two Hawks become an apprentice to Reginald, a well-known shipbuilder, you know that fireworks will be soon to follow.  Only the violence comes from a different source than you expect!  This is an exciting tale as you walk along with each individual in a world that is nothing like current day America.  You will be interested to see how God will lead each of these characters and where they will end up by the final page!

There are so many characters and places to keep track of that it made this book a difficult read for me!

I received this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for my unbiased review.

April 20, 2016

The Magnolia Duchess

The Magnolia Duchess is the final book in Beth White's Gulf Coast Chronicles series.  This tale begins with Fiona Lanier in tears.  She has just learned that her twin brother, Sullivan is being held on a British prison ship.  As Fiona travels along the Gulf Coast shore line, she suddenly comes upon a body that appears to be half-drowned.  After Fiona is able to turn the body over, she is surprised to find that this man is a face from her past!

The last time Fiona saw Charlie Kincaid was when she and her family had visited his grandfather's estate in Scotland.  Now, she is faced with attempting to keep Charlie alive!  After Fiona's family home becomes a place where Charlie can begin to recover, they realize that his accident has resulted in Charlie losing his recent memory.  As Fiona and Charlie attempt to put the pieces of his memory back together, Charlie discovers a scrap of paper in his gear with what appears to be code written on it!  Why had he written this code down in the first place and who was the intended recipient?

Hang on as you travel through this new world with Charlie in the midst of the early American war as he seeks to discover the truth about himself and why he is in the foreign land!

This tale was interesting to revisit the facts of the founding of our country; unfortunately, this book was not an easy read for me!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.