March 25, 2016

Married to the Marquess

On the opening pages of Married to the Marquess, written by Rebecca Connolly, you learn that Derek Chambers, the Marquess of Whitlock, has once again been ordered to come to London.  The request comes from his wife, Katherine, with the news that her mother has recently passed away.  Katherine and Derek have been married for the past five years; however, they barely spend more than one day together each year!

With her mother gone, Katherine feels like she is lost at sea.  It seems that she has spent her entire life with her mother drilling into her head the many rules she must follow as a future duchess and now she does not seem to know which way to turn without her mother's direction!  As Derek realizes that he must remain in London for some time in order to squelch the gossip that has begun, he and Katherine find themselves spending a lot of time together.  Derek and Katherine begin to learn a lot more about the other and they find that they have both been privy to same constant pressure from their parents to be something other than what they really desired.  When both Derek and Kate (as Derek fondly refers to Katherine) finally decide to stop despising each other and they begin to develop warmer feelings toward the other, you have no idea what will come next!

This is a fun story to follow as you have a front row seat to watch the relationship between Derek and Kate grow and blossom!  This second book in Rebecca Connolly's Arrangement series was a much easier read than the first.  Wait and see where Derek and Kate finally end up by the end of this tale!

March 22, 2016

Room for Hope

The latest novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer is entitled Room for Hope.  This tale begins with Neva Shilling, along with her fourteen-year-old twins, preparing dinner to celebrate the return of her husband from a lengthy business trip.  What greets Neva at the door that evening is not her husband, but rather three young children!

Neva does not know how to respond when she is informed that not only has her husband Warren died; but he has also sent these children to make their home with her.  When Neva learns that they are Warren's children from a second marriage, she definitely does now how to respond!  Neva, herself, grew up in an orphanage.  Knowing what would be in store for them, Neva cannot bring herself to send them away; however, she cannot imagine living with them either.  Now Neva must figure out how she can run their general store, as well as raise five children by herself.  Fortunately, Neva's twin daughter, Belle, takes both six-year-old Cassie and three-year-old Adeline under her wing; however, her other twin, Bud, does not even want to look eight-year-old Charley in the eye.  You wonder how Neva will be able to bind this disjointed family together!

Will Neva survive informing her twins about their father's infidelity?  Will her family survive the disdain that the townspeople extend toward them when they learn the truth?  You will watch and see how God will touch many lives in the midst of this difficult situation!

I received this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for my unbiased review.

March 17, 2016

A Daring Sacrifice

On the opening pages of A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund, you will find Juliana Wessex deeply involved with stealing from the rich in order to feed the group of people with whom she is currently living.  Following a recent raid, Julianna is running deeper into the woods to avoid capture.  When Julianna finally finds a safe place to stop and rest, it is on Goodrich land.  This is a neighbor near her former family home.  Before she knows it, Juliana find herself face to face with Lord Colin Goodrich!

Colin cannot believe he is looking into the eyes of Julianna Wessex!  She is the young girl that everyone believed to have died years ago at the same time her father was killed.  All Colin can think about is how he will be able to remove her from her current circumstances.  Before he knows it, Julianna is injured when she falls from a tree in an attempt to escape.  When Colin sees the extent of her injuries, he offers Julianna a week stay in his home in order to help her recover.  Julianna agrees on the condition that Colin will commit to a week stay in her world as well!

You have no idea what will happen after Colin and Julianna have time to see and experience a different world from their own.  Hold on to see what they both have to experience by the end of this fast-paced tale!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review

March 11, 2016

Playing the Part

When you see Lucetta Plum on the opening pages of Paying the Part by Jen Turano, you are instantly reminded what a feisty character she is.  As Lucetta is coming off the stage after her latest performance, she is confronted by her self-absorbed stepfather.  Nigel Wolfe wants Lucetta to help him get out of a bad situation in which he has placed himself.  Nigel has gambled away Lucetta's family home!

Now Lucetta finds herself running from the man who won this bet and now wants her in exchange for the house!  Lucetta had promised her father before his death that she would always take care of her mother; however, she does not want to fulfill this in exchange for her own self!  Lucetta is traveling through the darkness of night with her dear friend, Abigail Hart, to her grandson's castle just outside of the city.  Bram Haverstein is a man that Lucetta has never met.  When Bram dunks Lucetta in the moat surrounding his property, the introduction between Bram and Lucetta cannot be avoided!

You will not believe the situations that Bram and Lucetta find themselves in before the end of this tale.  You will definitely enjoy this crazy adventure!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

March 8, 2016

The Red Door Inn

The cover of Liz Johnson's latest novel, The Red Door Inn, drew my attention instantly. Prince Edward Island is both a beautiful and a peaceful place to visit. This is the first book I have read by Liz Johnson and I will definitely be coming back for more!

You are introduced to Marie Carrington on the opening pages of this novel. Marie has hopes of visiting Prince Edward Island; however, she does not even have the money to catch a ferry ride across the Northumberland Strait. When she meets Jack Sloane, he offers to pay for her ticket in exchange for her help decorating the inn he hopes to open soon!

Once Marie and Jack arrive at the inn, they encounter Jack's nephew, Seth, who is helping Jack with the remodeling work to prepare the inn for the opening. Soon you will learn all about the past hurts that are weighing down on each of these characters' souls as you watch them work together to restore this building into a place where hearts can be healed!

This book was a great read from beginning to end!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.

March 5, 2016

The Hearts We Mend

You will meet Evie Bennett on the opening pages of Kathryn Springer's latest novel, The Hearts We Mend.  Evie has just left a celebration for her son Cody's up and coming wedding and is finishing up some last minute preparations for the big day, when she is surprised to run into a stranger in the darkened church!

Jack Vale is temporarily filling in for the custodian at the church where Evie is also employed, so this means she will be running into him on quite a frequent basis.  Following Cody's wedding, Evie is having trouble filling up the hours in her days.  Soon her time will fill up with more activities involving Jack than she ever expected!  Evie, who lost her husband, Max, to a fire years ago, is not quite sure what to think of this tattooed man who seems to be from a much tougher world than she has been exposed to.  As Evie and Jack seem to be moving past being just acquaintances, neither one knows where these new feelings will lead!

This is an interesting tale to see how God can can bring two people together who come from totally different worlds!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review