August 27, 2017

Bringing Maggie Home

Kim Vogel Sawyer's latest novel is entitled Bringing Maggie Home. This tale begins with Hazel DeFord and her little sister, Maggie heading off to pick blackberries for their mother to use to make a pie for their father.  Hazel turns her back on Maggie for a moment; unfortunately, when she looks back, her little sister is missing!

Fast-forward seventy years and you will see Hazel preparing for a visit with her granddaughter Meghan in her Las Vegas home.  Meghan is planning to spend several weeks with her grandmother; however, she is surprised to find her own mother, Diane, answering Hazel's front door!  You immediately sense the tension.  Diane has been angry with her mother for years over her over-protection.  Megan finds herself in the middle trying to keep the peace.  Meghan's idea to create a scrapbook of her grandmother's life brings a long-held secret to life.  Meghan and Diane soon learn that Hazel had a three-year-old sister, Maggie, who went missing some seventy years ago!

At work, Meghan and her partner, Sean, spend hours trying to solve cold cases.  Meghan has just found a new  and very personal case for them to solve.  It is interesting to follow these three women and watch the changes in their relationships as they search for Maggie!

I received this book from Waterbrook in exchange for my unbiased review.

August 21, 2017

The Captivating Lady Charlotte

The Captivating Lady Charlotte, by Carolyn Miller, will introduce you to Charlotte as she is entering her first season in London, England. Eighteen-year-old Charlotte soon sets her sights on several young men; however, her parents are leaning toward Duke William Hartwell.  This widower, who is almost twice her age, has definitely not caught Charlotte's attention!

William has recently lost his wife in childbirth, to a child he is unsure is his own.  Now he is looking for a woman to marry he knows he can trust.  William is definitely unsure about where Charlotte's feelings lie.  As Charlotte struggles with her feelings, she spends time talking with her cousin, Lavinia, to learn about her experience with her husband. Lavinia shares how trusting God made all the difference!

Will Charlotte continue chasing after these other men, or will she learn to trust in God and depend on Him with her feelings?  Wait and see where Charlotte and William end up as you follow the crazy path this tale takes you down!

August 18, 2017

The Elusive Miss Ellison

I have discovered a new Christian author, Carolyn Miller.  Her first novel, The Elusive Miss Ellison, was a delightful read.  You will meet Miss Lavinia Ellison on the opening pages.  She is a young woman, living in St. Hampton Heath with her minister father, taking care of the needs of the poor and sick in her village. Lavinia soon meets Nicholas, the Earl of Hawksbury, the brother of the man, who killed her beloved mother!

When Lavinia has an accident, as she is walking in the rain, and falls ill with small pox, she must take shelter in the Earl's home until she recovers.  You will soon see the relationship between  Lavinia and Nicholas change from foe to something much dearer.  Watch and see Lavinia learn to forgive the sins of the past and Nicholas learn to humble himself and lay down his pride before our awesome God!

You will not believe what occurs when you follow both Nicholas and Lavinia to London.  Lavinia has an entire family she never knew about!  The details of Lavinia's life are about to get very complicated.  Hold on until the final page!

August 12, 2017

I'll Be There

I'll Be There is a recent addition to Susan May Warren's Montana Fire series.  You will cross paths with Liza and Conner from the earlier tale, Playing with Fire, as they are preparing for their wedding.  This event is planned to take place in three days, but, of course, Conner is late for the party!

After Liza learns that Conner was involved in a serious car accident and more importantly, that he is again in pursuit of his brother's killer, she knows that life is about to get very crazy!

Watch and see this tale unfold in Deep Haven, with Liza and Conner surrounded by the Christiansen clan.  Hang on, as you will discover an ending full of surprises!

August 7, 2017

The Two of Us

The Two of Us is the latest book by Victoria Bylin.  On the opening pages, you will meet Mia Robinson as she waits in a coffee shop across the street from her hotel.  Her younger  sister, Lucy, is planning to get married in a Vegas wedding chapel.  After Mia watches a handsome man successfully capturing stuffed animals in a claw machine, she learns that this man actually has a close relationship with Sam Waters, the young man who will soon be Lucy's husband!

Jake Tanner has been keeping an eye Sam, ever since his mother, Connie, was killed in a police shooting.  Now it seems their wedding will be delayed due to complications with Lucy's pregnancy.  Mia's dream of joining a medical non-profit group may be delayed as well.  Once the wedding finally takes place, Mia's life plan seems to be back on-track, until new feelings for Jake start barging in.  Jake's own plans to build a youth center for children of fallen police officers seem to be in jeopardy as well!

Once Mia and Jake put aside their own dreams, you will be interested to see where God will take their lives!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

August 2, 2017

To Wager Her Heart

To Wager Her Heart is the latest from Tamera Alexander.  You will meet Alexandra Jamison, on the opening pages of this book, as she is introduced to Silas Rutledge, her father's new colleague. Alexandria does not quite know what to make of this man from Colorado.  Silas does not quite fit into the Southern ways of Nashville.  Then before you know it, her father begins pushing Alexandria toward marrying a man three times her age!

Once Alexandra refuses her father's plan, she knows she must find a different direction for her life.  After her fiance, David had died in a train accident, Alexandra still carries his desire to help educate any freedman wanting to learn.  She soon learns of Fisk University, a school right in Nashville, dedicated to training freedmen.  Following a fall-out with her parents, Alexandra leaves home with nothing but the clothes on her back, to enter a new world teaching the students at Fisk University.  Around the same time, Silas Rutledge is trying to navigate his way, through the business world of Nashville, to acquire the opportunity to become part of bringing a new rail line to the area.  Silas soon find that Alexandra is just the person to help him find his way!

This is an interesting tale to follow as you watch Silas and Alexandra learn to navigate in a world new to them both!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.