February 21, 2017

Through the Eyes of a Lion

On the pages of Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko, you will see the heart of a father in the midst of losing his five year old daughter to death.  You will also see how his awesome God never left his side through it all!

It is encouraging as you watch this family learn that on the other side of mourning and loss, God has another plan in store.  A plan that is full of more purpose and life than you could ever imagine!

February 19, 2017

A Viscount's Proposal

In Melanie Dickerson's latest addition, A Viscount's Proposal, to her Regency Spies of London series, you will find Leorah Langdon at odds with her brother's best friend, the Viscount of Withinghall.  Nathaniel Langdon and Edward Withinghall have been close friends ever since they meet at school, as young boys. Edward, however, does not have time for his friend's younger sister, Leorah, who does not seem to want to follow society's rules. Edward is more focused on following a clear path to become the next Prime Minister of England; therefore, he wants nothing in the way of achieving his goal!

You will be surprised to find that after a carriage accident leaves Edward and Leorah in a compromising situation, they must suddenly deal with the serious after affects.  Edward is willing to propose to save Leoah's reputation; however, Leorah, under no circumstances, is willing to say yes!  After seeing her parents loveless life together, she wants something more for her own marriage.  Not only do the rumors seem to be beginning, but it has also been discovered that the damage to the viscount's vehicle was deliberately set!

When it is determined that Edward cannot be moved for several weeks, while his leg, broken in the accident, is healing, you will be interested to see how both Leorah and Edward's mindsets change when they are forced to spend time together.  Will they change enough to embrace a new way of thinking?  You will interested to discover where Leorah and Edward end up by the final page of this tale!

February 14, 2017

A Note Yet Unsung

A Note Yet Unsung is the latest from Tamera Alexander.  When Rebekah Carrington learns of her grandmother's death, she knows she must leave Vienna and return to her hometown.  With her grandmother gone, she has nowhere safe to land.  When Rebekah left home years ago, it was after her stepfather actually physically attacked her!

 Rebekah must find work to pay the bills; however, she is quickly disappointed when her attempt to audition to play oboe in the newly formed Nashville symphony ends in failure.  Before Rebekah can locate a place to rest her head, she learns her luggage has been mistakenly delivered to her mother's home.  Rebekah suddenly finds herself standing in the rain in front of her mother's front door.  This return home does not last long when her stepfather tries to force his way into her bedroom yet again!

Before you know it, Rebekah has landed a new place to call home, as well as a job as assistant to the symphony's conductor, Nathaniel Tate Whitcomb.  You will be surprised about all that transpires as Rebekah attempts to help Tate complete the music for the upcoming introduction of newly formed Nashville's philharmonic orchestra.  You will be surprised to see where Rebekah ends up by the final pages of the novel!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.

February 11, 2017

An Unknown Protector

An Unknown Protector is the latest tale in Shelley Shepard Gray's series entitled A Lone Star Hero's Love Story.  Thomas Baker is finally free from his time at the Johnson's Island POW camp; however, before he knows it, Thomas has lost money while gambling with some wealthy men in Texas and finds himself in prison yet again!

Laurel Tracey has been trying to keep her family ranch afloat ever since her mother and stepfather passed away.  When her step-brother and step-sister seem unwilling to carry their weight, Laurel decides to put down money to purchase help.  She hires Thomas Baker, a man who has just been released from jail, to help her protect and work on her property for one year .  Thomas finally is able to enjoy his freedom; until, strange occurrences begin to happen around the ranch. When a dead calf is found at Laurel's front door, Laurel and Thomas begin to look around the ranch for clues to what could be behind this strange occurrence.  When someone begins firing at him and Laurel while they are out searching, Thomas knows it is time to call in additional help!

When Thomas was at the POW camp, he made friends with his fellow inmates.  As they left to build a new life for themselves, they had vowed to be there for each other whenever the need arose.  So you are not surprised, when suddenly three former soldiers appear at Laurel's ranch to help identify who might be behind this dangerous activity.  It is interesting to see how these men work together to find the answer.  Are Laurel's siblings up to know good or is it someone else in town out to cause Laurel problems?

Hang on to see who is the true culprit!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.

February 7, 2017

Reclaiming Nick

On the opening pages of Reclaiming Nick, by Susan May Warren, you meet Nick Noble, who after a family feud, left his family behind 10 years ago.  Now, after he learns that his father has passed away, Nick knows he must return home to deal with the mistakes from his past.  The largest problem Nick must face is that his father has left a large chunk of the family ranch to his former best friend, Cole St. John.  When Nick returns to his hometown of Phillips, Montana and the Silver Buckle Ranch, he also learns that Cole St. John has married his former love, Maggy!

Like so many of Susan May Warren's novels, you will not be able to put this tale down until you learn the conclusion to this tale, that is filled with a lot of unknowns, as always, great suspense.  Not only must Nick unravel the problems from his past, he also has a reporter, Piper Sullivan, following him to learn the truth about Nick's part in her brother's false imprisonment; in the background, there is a dark and unknown figure, intent on killing Nick!

This fast-paced tale is not only full of action, but you will also see both Nick and Piper come to a renewed understanding of the place of God in their lives!

February 3, 2017

Shining Like the Dawn

Shine Like the Dawn, the latest from Carrie Turnsky, starts off with a serious situation.  Daniel Lounsbury heads off across the lake with his family, to celebrate his oldest daughter's birthday with a picnic; when suddenly, he discovers that the boat is taking on water.  He sends his next daughter, Maggie, who knows how to swim, back to safety with his youngest daughter, Violet. Unfortunately, when Maggie finally reaches the shore, she looks back across the lake and sees nothing but smooth water!

Four years later, you find Maggie and Violet living with their grandmother in her millinery shop.  As Maggie is struggling to raise her active younger sister, without the guidance of her parents, suddenly a fire in the village destroys her grandmother's shop. When her childhood friend, Nate Harcourt, comes upon the scene, Maggie and her family are suddenly transported back to Morningside Manor, the site of her family's demise.  Being in these beautiful surroundings, brings up, not only memories of her lost family, but also questions about what caused the terrible accident that took their lives!

Hold on as Nate attempts to help Maggie discover the answer to her questions.  It is great to see Maggie's faith in God restored as she trusts in Him to help them find an answer.  You will be surprised to discover who is ultimately behind this terrible accident!

This is an interesting tale.  I cannot wait for the next one!

I received this book from Multnomah in exchange for my unbiased review.