February 3, 2012

Heart of Gold

In The Heart of Gold, Shannon Adair and her father, Reverend Adair leave Virginia and head out west to her father’s new church in the Idaho territory.  Shannon has doubts about leaving the society of her friends in the east and entering a place where she doesn’t know a soul. 

Soon after her arrival, Shannon meets Alice, a woman who is dying of cancer.  Alice and her young son have moved to Idaho to live with her brother, Matthew.  In agreeing to serve as nurse and companion to Alice, Shannon daily encounters her brother, Matthew.  He is a stagecoach driver with Wells Fargo.  He has taken a job in the office so that he can stay at home to help his dying sister.  Before he knows it, he is seeking Shannon’s attention in hopes that he can gain a wife to help him raise his nephew.   Along the way, both Shannon and Matthew encounter God’s plan for their lives.    

The year is 1864.  The civil war in the east continues to rage.  Little did the Adairs know how the war would touch their lives in their new “home”.

I have enjoyed reading a number of Robin Lee Hatcher’s novels; however, The Heart of Gold has a very slow pace and a disappointing ending.

I received this book  from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review