March 1, 2012

The Christmas Singing

The Christmas Singing - Cindy Woodsmall

The Christmas Singing tells the sweet story of Mattie and Gideon. 

They grew up together in the Amish community of Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania.  Just when most would be considering marriage, they suddenly broke things off after Mattie finds Gideon in the arms of an English woman.

Mattie must begin again.  She moves to Ohio, opens a cake shop and has a new boyfriend.  Things seem to be going well when suddenly everything begins to fall apart.  She is injured when Mattie’s Cakes catches on fire.  With her shop destroyed, she goes home to Apple Ridge to recover with family.  Little does she know an old chapter of her life will be reopened when she encounters Gideon again.

There is much more to the story behind their breakup.  You will not discover the conclusion of Mattie and Gideon’s story until to come to the final pages of this novella.  It is an enjoyable journey.