March 23, 2013

Take a Chance on Me

In Take a Chance on Me by Susan May Warren, Ivy Madison enters Deep Haven, Minnesota feeling that she has finally come home.  Ivy has been passed through many foster homes in her life.  She feels like Deep Haven is a place where she can finally put down some roots.

The first person Ivy meets upon arriving in town is Darek Christiansen.  He is the prize, when she bids on him at a charity event.  She sees that he is a handsome bachelor; but has no idea of the bitterness this man is carrying about his former wife.   The anger, The anger that he has for Jenson his best friend who caused her death that he has for Jenson, his best friend, who caused his wife's death, has allowed the bitterness to control Darek.

This book is written in a way that you feel part of the events in this small town.  The relationships are so full of color.  First, there is the new and growing relationship between Ivy and Darek.  Then you learn about the older, yet growing relationship between Jensen and Claire.  Finally, you see the beautiful  relationship between Darek and his young son, Tiger.  You will meet so many interesting individuals in Deep Haven.

The story comes to a head in the final pages of this book as a fire nears and threatens to consume this sweet town.  You will not be able to put this book down as you read page after page rushing to the conclusion!
I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review