May 26, 2013

Gone South

Gone South    -     
        By: Meg Moseley

Gone South by Meg Moseley is an interesting tale about a young woman looking for a life change.  Tish McComb was living out her life in Michigan after the tragic death of her fianc√©. 
When her mother and future stepdad decide to make a move to Florida, Tish takes time off to help them move.  Part of her plan for adventure on her trip is to stop in Noble, Alabama on her way home.  The former home of her great-great-great grandparents, Nathan and Leticia McComb is for sale and Tish hopes to have a chance to get inside and take a look into their lives.

Once she arrives, she does more than look-she decides to buy it!  The sale of the house is not without conflict as she talks the seller into a lower price that she can afford.  The old North vs. South feelings are awakened! 
Once Tish makes her final move to Noble, she finds that there are no warms feelings for the McComb family.  Tish had always heard wonderful stories about Nathan and Leticia growing up.  But now Tish has only one friend in town, George Zorbas, the local antique dealer.

You will enjoy this story as Tish and George deal with the town’s prejudice and learn the real story of Nathan and Leticia!

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my unbiased review