August 8, 2013

Into The Whirlwind

Into the Whirlwind  -     
        By: Elizabeth Camden

Mollie Knox is intent on keeping your father’s dream and watch factory alive in Into The Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden.

 After Mollie is approached by Zack Kazmarek, the lawyer for her major customer, she must make a decision about whether she wants to sell her father’s factory.  Before she can tell Zack her answer, both Mollie and Zack are caught up in a fire that may just burn down the city of Chicago!

After much of the city is destroyed by the fire, both Mollie and Zack must find a way to piece their individual lives back together.  Soon, they begin to develop feelings for each other.  Their new relationship is put to the test when Mollie discovers that Zack has taken advantage of her in pushing the sale of a land deed for much less than it is worth!

Can she ever trust him again?  Hang on as Mollie and Zack experience the ups and downs of learning about each other!