August 20, 2014

An August Btride

Debra Clopton tells Kelsey Wilcox's story in An August Bride.

After being left at the altar by her cowboy fiance, Kelsey decides she wants to have nothing to do with the ranch life.  She sets up a bistro on the beach and begins a new life! 

Two years later when Kelsey's cousin decides to get married at the beach, Kelsey finds herself dragged along with all the celebration.  Kelsey still hates weddings, but wants to support her cousin on her big day.  When she meets Brent Corbin, one of the groomsmen, she is immediately drawn to him.  When she learns that Brent is a cowboy who owns a ranch, Kelsey only wants to run as fast as she can away from him!

This is a fun tale as you watch Kelsey struggle between her growing feelings for Brent and her determination to never fall in love with a cowboy again!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review