January 28, 2015

Undeniably Yours

Undeniably Yours is the first novel in Becky Wade's latest book series.  This series tells the story of the Porter family.  You are first introduced to Meg Cole when she learns of her father's sudden death.  She is numb, as she must return home to fill the spot as the head of her family's large oil empire.

One of the first tasks she seeks to fulfill is to close down any needless activities throughout her father's estate.  This task leads her face-to-face with Bo Porter, the manager of her father's thoroughbred racehorse farm.  First, Bo's looks take her off-guard; then, his refusal to accept her decision to close down the farm, leaves her offering him a six month window to improve the farm's numbers.

Meg's anxiety seems to be growing as she attempts to fill her father's shoes.  The only place she seems to find any peace is when she is in Bo's company.  As Bo and Meg's friendship begins to grow, you sense that trouble lies ahead.  Whether it is Bo's feelings of inadequacy to gain a place in Meg's world or a resurgence of problems from Meg's past, you sense that something will upset the apple cart!

Throughout the pages of this book, you will see both Bo and Meg learning to trust in God's presence in their lives, especially in the final pages of this sweet tale!