March 12, 2015

Always on My Mind

The latest book from Susan May Warren, Always on My Mind, tells the tale of Raina Beaumont and Casper Christiansen.  It has been interesting to follow the lives of the Christiansen family in this series.

Casper ran off at the end of the last book in this series.  He was furious when he discovered that before he meet Raina, she had a one-night stand with his younger brother, Owen.  At the beginning of this latest book, Casper quietly returns to Deep Haven, only to find that Raina is about to deliver Owen's baby!

As you discover how both Casper and Raina make some tough decisions about how to deal with this change in their lives,  you also see into the lives of several other members of the Christiansen family.

It is great to see how all the Christiansen's trust their God in these difficult times in their lives!