October 20, 2016

Wild Montana Skies

Wild Montana Skies begins Susan May Warren's latest series,  Montana Rescue.  After her recent overseas military tour, Kacey Faring is coming home to visit her daughter, Aubrey, and to get a few months reprieve before returning to her base in Florida; however, she has no idea that shortly after stepping into Mercy Falls, Montana, she will run into her former fiance, Ben King, now a huge country star!

Although Ben should be in Nashville trying to revamp his career, he has returned to his hometown to help his father, Chet King, recover after an accident has left him with two broken hips.  Chet had already hired a temporary pilot to fill in for him on the PEAK rescue team, and it is none other than Kacey Faring, the woman Ben walked away from thirteen years ago!  Soon Kacey and Ben are in action with the PEAK team, working together to rescue a group of teenagers trapped in the mountains.  Once the team has located the majority of the teens, they realize that two of the teens are still lost.  Kacey is surprised when she learns that one of the lost teens is her daughter, Aubrey, the child she has kept hidden from Ben all these years!

When you learn that neither Ben nor Aubrey have known any of the details of the other's life for the past thirteen years, you know that you will need to prepare for a lot of emotions and hopefully, a reconciliation by the final pages of this tale!

This is an interesting story, full of surprises, as it is relayed as only Susan May Warren can!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.