February 7, 2017

Reclaiming Nick

On the opening pages of Reclaiming Nick, by Susan May Warren, you meet Nick Noble, who after a family feud, left his family behind 10 years ago.  Now, after he learns that his father has passed away, Nick knows he must return home to deal with the mistakes from his past.  The largest problem Nick must face is that his father has left a large chunk of the family ranch to his former best friend, Cole St. John.  When Nick returns to his hometown of Phillips, Montana and the Silver Buckle Ranch, he also learns that Cole St. John has married his former love, Maggy!

Like so many of Susan May Warren's novels, you will not be able to put this tale down until you learn the conclusion to this tale, that is filled with a lot of unknowns, as always, great suspense.  Not only must Nick unravel the problems from his past, he also has a reporter, Piper Sullivan, following him to learn the truth about Nick's part in her brother's false imprisonment; in the background, there is a dark and unknown figure, intent on killing Nick!

This fast-paced tale is not only full of action, but you will also see both Nick and Piper come to a renewed understanding of the place of God in their lives!