June 27, 2017

Just Look Up

Just Look Up is the latest book by Courtney Walsh.  This tale begins with Lane Kelley preparing to give the biggest presentation of her career at the interior design firm she works for in Chicago.  As Lane is trying to settle her nerves to begin her talk, she is interrupted by a phone call that she cannot ignore.  Her brother, Nate, has been in a motorcycle accident and is in a coma.  Her presence is needed at the hospital.  Lane has no choice but to immediately leave!

As Lane drives into Harbor Pointe, Michigan, all her memories of her hometown come flooding back.  She had not been home in years to avoid thinking about all she left behind: the unkind words about being overweight; her sister stealing her boyfriend; her family taking sides in the situation and it was not hers!  Her years away was sending her back a new woman.  Lane is returning, from her years at Northwestern, a slim and fit woman, with a career that is about to skyrocket!

Lane does not quite know how to balance between remaining by Nate's bedside and returning to Chicago, to give an important presentation that may bring her a big promotion.  Ryan Brooks, a man from her past, who her family had befriended as a young boy, is suddenly by her side.  He had returned to Harbor Pointe, after several rough years away serving in Afghanistan.  It appears that Ryan may be the one to help her wade through the tension she is facing, between family and work!

This is a interesting tale to follow.  See how God is at work in the messiness we make of life!

I received this book from Tyndale Fiction in exchange for my unbiased review.