July 25, 2017

Playing with Fire

Playing With Fire, the second book in Susan May Warren's Montana Fire series, opens with Liza Beaumont on a remote trail in western Montana trying to locate Esther Rogers.  Liza, a camp counselor, had talked to Esther about meeting at the overlook to capture some of the beauty of the morning.  There is no sign of Esther; instead, Liza crosses paths with a ferocious grizzly bear!

The author immediately takes you back to three years previous, when Liza,living in Deep Haven, Minneapolis, meets Conner Young, a smoke jumper, who is in the area to help fight an out of control fire.  As Conner helps fight the fire, you will see a friendship begin to grow between Conner and Liza.  When the fire is finally extinguished and Conner moves on to the next fire, you wonder what will happen to this new, growing friendship!

As the author takes you back to the scene with the grizzly bear, you will see another step in the relationship between Liza and Conner.  Liza definitely senses a deepening in her friendship with Conner.  Hang on while you walk with Liza and Conner, as they continue to hunt for Esther in the great and dangerous outdoors.  As Liza begins to pin-point Esther's location, you will soon learn that the fierce grizzly bear is not far away!