September 1, 2017

Because Of You

Because Of You is a recent book from T.K. Chapin.  Samantha thought all was well with her husband Dakota, their daughter Kimmy, and their baby boy on the way, when they suddenly learn that Dakota is being deployed by the Army to go back to Afghanistan. Samantha fears the worst.  After the worst does happen and Dakota is labeled missing in action, Samantha cannot stop the tears from falling.  When Samantha's baby finally arrives, she names him, Dakota, after his father!

Fast forward two years and you will find Samantha, her daughter, and her young son living in the same town as her mother and sister.  Family provides Samantha with support she needs during these initial troubling days.  Once Samantha's feet are finally planted firmly on the ground, she suddenly meets Mason.  This man, dressed in Army camouflage, is too much a reminder of her missing husband.  As time goes on Samantha becomes more comfortable with the situation and it seems that something more may be developing in her relationship with Mason!

As you walk through these pages with Samantha, you will see her relationship with God growing to the point, where she is depending on Him to help her through all these changes in her life.  This tale, with it's short chapters, will keep you reading until you reach the final page.  You will not believe where and with whom Samantha ends up!

I received this book from T.K. Chapin for my honest review.