January 11, 2019

With This Pledge

With This Pledge is the latest tale from Tamera Alexander.  This author retells the tale of the Battle of Franklin, as close to reality as any fiction writer could.  You will learn what Elizabeth "Lizzie" Clouston must endure as she leaves her work as governess to the young children of a wealthy family on a plantation outside of Franklin to become a nurse and assistant to the surgeon treating the many young soldiers injured in these final days of the Civil War!

In these first days of caring for the wounded, Lizzie encounters Captain Roland Ward Jones as he is being prepped for surgery.  Roland makes one request of Lizzie:  DO NOT let the surgeon remove his badly injured leg!

Once Lizzie successfully prevents the doctor from removing Roland's leg, she finds more work left to accomplish.  Lizzie's mindset has slowly changed from the Confederate beliefs that she was raised with throughout her life.  Her heart is now drawn to help these former slaves to gain the tools, such as reading and writing, they will need to help them adjust to this new world!

This was a hard book to read in some respects, as you see the awful reality of war; however, by the final pages, you see how God can bring something beautiful from the mess we as humans sometimes create in our world!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.