April 25, 2012

A Veil of Pearls

This story took me to a different time and place. It is the South in 1812. How differently people thought and behaved than they do today.

Althea, a young girl, living in Barbados, had been taken as a slave after her parents were killed in a hurricane. She has been beaten and abused. When she finds a chance, she runs like the wind and finds herself in Charleston.

After she struggles to survive with no home or income, she changes her name to Adalia and becomes an assistant to a local doctor. No one can see that she is 25% black. She goes on living in an environment that views slavery as staus quo. She thinks she is safe as she falls in love with a local plantation owner's son, Morgan. But her past creeps in and her safe world becomes very dangerous.

Take a journey with Adalia and Morgan as they navigate these waters.