May 3, 2012

Mariah's Quest


The year is 1753.  Mariah and her sisters, Rose and Lily, have just arrived in Baltimore after a long journey from England.  They had sold themselves as indentured servants to keep their father from debtor’s prison.  Upon arriving in this new land, they are quickly sold and leave in totally different directions. 

Mariah ends up at a plantation in Virginia.  Colin Barclay brings her to his family home where she becomes a tutor to his three sisters.  Colin is drawn to Mariah’s beauty but his mother has other plans for him.  Mariah and Colin have another plan and become secretly engaged.    It will remain a secret from his family until he returns from battle.

Unfortunately, Colin returns home wounded.  The story becomes very interesting as he learns to function as a blind man.  Both Mariah and Colin learn to trust God in this new and uncertain situation.