May 10, 2012

Hunter's Prize

The year is 1904 in Marcia Gruver’s latest novel Hunter’s Prize.  You will travel with Addie McRae from her home in Mississippi to Marshall, Texas to begin a job as governess to Cedric Whitfield. 

Cedric is a young boy who struggles with autism.  Having recently lost both parents in an accident, his Aunt Priscilla is looking for someone who can help guide him through his challenges in life.  Addie hopes she will fill this role in his life.

Soon after Addie arrives in Marshall, she meets Pearson Foster.  He is a treasure hunter visiting Marshall in search of a lost treasure onboard a sunken steamer.  Addie and Pearson are drawn to one another and the adventure begins.

Cedric himself is carrying a treasure around himself.  He has an obsession with collecting rocks and gemstones.  In the effort of collecting these rocks, an uncut diamond has been added to his collection of “treasures”.  A couple of thieves have followed him from South Africa in the hopes of stealing this treasure from him.

As Addie and Pearson’s relationship grows, will they be able to protect Cedric from the danger coming his way?