February 10, 2014

The PR1ME of Life

PR1ME of Life is the first book by P.D. Bekendam.  This new author is also a practicing eye surgeon.  All proceeds from his book sales will go to fund his work, helping to bring cataract surgery to those in need in developing countries.

The author quietly introduces you to Ben, who is working as a janitor in a retirement center.  What no one knows is that Ben was recently a cardiothoracic surgeon! 

Ben left his practice, after circumstances pushed him into a situation where he was performing emergency heart surgery on his own bother!  When his brother suddenly dies during the surgery, Ben needs a major change in life.  He looks for a place of not stress!  He finds it at Heritage Gardens, where he meets a group of quirky, yet lovable residents.

You will enjoy Ben’s journey as he deals with some very difficult situations.

This was a challenging book for me to read initially; however, midway through, I found myself cheering for positives to come to Ben’s life!  You will be surprised by the end, when he finds the love of his life; however, most importantly, Ben finally understands that God really loves him and is control of all the details of his life!

I received this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for my unbiased review.