March 22, 2014

Bluebonnet Bride

Upon reading Bluebonnet Bride, the latest novella written by Colleen Coble, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it continues the story Colleen began in her recent novel, The Butterfly Palace.

Bluebonnet Bride tells the story of Elli Korpela, who has left her homeland of Finland, to come to America and meet the man she hopes to build a new life with. Unfortunately, her new life does not begin as quietly as she had hoped.

The life she is running from contained her father, who was murdered, and her neighbor, who is trying to steal her inheritance.  After a man tries to strangle Elli, on the night of her wedding, her new husband, Nathan White, learns the whole story.  He is determined to protect Elli from all potential harm!

This is a short tale that will keep you turning page after page to learn the conclusion of who is after Elli and what they want!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review