February 3, 2015

Brentwood's Ward

Brentwood's Ward is the first novel by Michelle Griep that I have read and this book had my interest from the first page!

When you are introduced to Emily Payne, you instantly see that she is a  young girl who is used to getting her own way!  Next, you meet Nicholas Brentwood on his way to meet Emily's father.  Mr. Payne is a rich gentleman who is seeking a skilled man to keep an eye on his daughter, while he is out of town.  Nicholas has no idea what will be involved with keeping track of Emily Payne!

This is an interesting tale, as you watch Nicholas run around London attempting to keep Emily safe from thieves who want to get their hands on her father's money.  On the pages of this book, you will see Emily transform from a selfish girl who thinks only of her own desires to a young woman who God allows to see the needs that others have, all around her every day!

Follow Nicholas and Emily to the final pages of this book, where they end up on the wharfs of London with only their faith and trust in God to see them through!