February 9, 2015

Even Now

I recently picked up the novel, Even Now by Karen Kingsbury.  I had not read this book in several years and thought I would re-familiarize with the storyline before I read the next book in this series, Ever After.

Previously, I had read Karen Kingsbury's Redemption series and I could not keep the tears from falling!  I was not brought to tears with Even Now; however, my heart went out to Lauren Gibbs and Shane Galanter.  These two teenagers have to deal with their worst nightmare.  What will they do after they learn that they are expecting a baby?

This is an interesting tale to witness as you learn how both the teenagers and the parents decide to deal with the situation, which seems out of their control.  The author tells the story when the teens initially learn about their baby and then picks up the story again eighteen years later.

Life's circumstances have affected both Lauren and Shane, and their parents, in very different ways.  Some of the characters in this book are drawn closer to God, while others have closed the door on their belief in God!

This book was definitely worth the read!