August 22, 2015

Love Without End (A King's Meadow Romance)

Love Without End, by Robin Lee Hatcher, begins the King's Meadow Romance series.  You meet Kimberly Welch when she approaches Chet Leonard at his ranch.  Kimberly has come to ask Chet to not only train a horse that had been given to her daughter, Tara, but also to teach Tara how to ride this wild horse!

Chet already has his hands full trying to keep his ranch running; however, after learning about Kimberly's struggle following her husband's recent death, he cannot say no to her!  Chet understands what it is like to experience the loss of a spouse.  Recently, his wife left him and their two teenage sons after the death of their oldest son!

This tale is fun to watch as you see both Kimberly and Chet learn to deal with all that has been given to them.  You will see how they both begin to trust God to bring them through these rough waters!