August 1, 2015

Stealing Jake

The novel Stealing Jake, written by Pam Hillman, is being re-released.  This novel tells the tale of Livy O'Brien, who after leaving Chicago (where she was known as Light-Fingered Livy), is trying to leave her past behind her by relocating to a small, quiet town in Illinois! 

Livy is working hard to establish an orphanage in Chestnut, Illinois.  When she notices a boy trying to pick-pocket on the streets of town, her heart instantly goes out to this young child.  It brings back memories of her former life.  When serious robberies begin occurring in town, the homeless children seen around town are immediately accused of being responsible.  Livy knows she must prove that these children are not guilty of these acts!

As Livy is trying to locate where these children are hiding, she runs into the town deputy, Jake Russell. As Livy tries to convince Jake of the children's innocence, the situation becomes complicated when feelings begin to grow between them!

As Livy and Jake try to solve the question of who is committing these crimes, will Livy let down her guard to this man who only wants to love her?

I enjoyed reading this tale and would recommend it to anyone who likes seeing an example of how God can redeem lives and lead them to walk a path that honors and glorifies Him!

I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review