October 18, 2015

Amongst The Flames

Amongst The Flames, by T.K. Chapin, tells the tale of Cole Taylor.  For Cole, being a firefighter is a lifestyle that he has perfected!  Cole and his team of fellow firefighters have perfected the speed and precision they need to perform their job of saving lives in the midst of out-of-control flames.  You soon learn that Cole has not been able to apply that same precision in regards to his marriage!

When constantly faced with life and death situations, you can see how easily rapport can develop between these firefighters; however, after an accident on the job leaves Cole, injured and recovering at home, he soon realizes that a deficiency exists in his relationship with his wife, Megan!

When Megan leaves home with their two young sons and proclaims that she has no plan of returning, Cole dives into panic mode.  What will he do?  When his firefighting partner, Micah, encourages Cole to reach out to God and invite Him in to help save his marriage, Cole experiences an amazing awakening in his relationship with his heavenly Father!

The only thing is, will it be in time?  Hang on to the end of this tale to discover the impact that only God can impart on those who seek Him!

I received this book from the author, T.K. Chapin, in exchange for my unbiased review