October 22, 2015

Out Of The Ashes

Out of the Ashes is the latest book by T.K. Chapin.  This story centers around another member of fire station #9.  Kane McCormick is a young fireman who not only fights fires, but has a fiery temper that goes off when you least expect it!

When Kane learns that his mother's cancer has returned, he is not sure how to best handle the situation.  He ventures out to his mother's home to spend time with her.  Kane is shocked, when the morning after he takes his mother on a hike to the mountains that she loved, he learns that she has suddenly died!  In the midst of his grief and a drinking binge that lands him at the bottom of a ravine,  Kane finds himself on his knees, turning again to God and drawing strength from the only source he can truly count on...his heavenly Father!  Now Kane knows that he must be there for his sister and his nephew, to point them toward the only hope they can have.  As these three deal with their grief, a secret comes out of his mother's past that Kane never expected...he has an older brother that he never knew about and this brother is the lone recipient on his mother's life insurance policy!

The main question is how will Kane respond to this surprise.  Will he side with his sister, who wants to contest the will, or will he let God's spirit within him lead in another direction?

You will be surprised to discover the conclusion to this tale!

I received this book from the author, T.K. Chapin, in exchange for my unbiased review