July 22, 2016

41 Will Come

41 Will Come, the first book written by pastor, Chuck E. Tate, will encourage you as you walk through life's tough trials!

The number 40 is frequently mentioned in the Bible in connection with trials that someone is experiencing; however, we do not often consider that the number 41 is right around the corner!

Chuck Tate sets out seven steps to help you move from fear to faith and from indecision to action, when facing your trial.

1.  Know your enemy.
2.  Embrace your cause.
3.  Smash fear in the mouth.
4.  Shake off your doubts and doubters.
5.  Prepare in order to receive a payoff.
6.  Word Up!  Read, study and declare the Word of God!
7.  Attack the giant standing between you and your victory!

Even though this book did not read easily for me at times, the message of this book came through loud and clear on every page!  God alone is our best defense through the trials that threaten to keep us from His purpose for our lives!

NavPress/Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.