July 6, 2016

An Elegant Facade

An Elegant Facade, the latest novel by Kristi Ann Hunter, opens with Lady Georgina Hawthorne traveling into town with her older sister, Lady Miranda.  This evening will be the beginning of Georgina's debut season; however, it will also be the start of Miranda's fourth season!  Georgina's only hope is to find a potential mate before her own secret is revealed!

From the start Miranda seems to have her eye on one of Georgina's top choices for a potential mate, the Duke of Marshington.  When Miranda actually marries the Duke about half-way through this tale, Georgina suddenly must turn her focus elsewhere.  After her maid, Harriette, falls and is unable to provide her assistance, Georgina does not know if she can keep her secret hidden.  Georgina does not know how to read or write!

When Mr. Colin McCrae, a close friend to both of Geogina's brothers, learns her secret; he begins helping her.  You wonder what in the world will come of the mismatched coupling!  As Georgina focuses on pursuing several other gentlemen, she cannot seem to keep her thoughts from drifting toward Colin.  You will be surprised to see where she finally lands by the end of this tale!

Reading this book was slow at the start, but thankfully picked up its pace by the final pages!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.