September 7, 2016

Secrets of a Spinster

You do not want to miss Secrets of a Spinster, the third novel in Rebecca Connolly's Arrangement series.  Watch as Mary Hamilton decides to enter her final London season on a lark,  hoping to help her sister, Cassandra, who was blacklisted, after she refused one of London's leading bachelors.  Mary is not sure if London will accept her now; however, she knows she can count on her best friend, Geoffrey Harris, to remain by her side!

Geoffrey Harris has a front row seat to view Mary's transformation, as she has asked Geoffrey to be her permanent escort for the season.  Mary is pleasantly surprised when London welcomes her with open arms!  More men show up a her front door than she would ever have imagined.  Soon Geoffrey is confused as he watches Mary transform, not only into a beauty; but also a woman with a sharp and conniving spirit!

Geoffrey has no idea what happened to the sweet girl he had been friends with for all these years.  The other thing that Geoffrey has no idea about is the secret Mary has kept under wraps, throughout their friendship.  Hold on until the final pages, when you will see this secret finally revealed!