September 21, 2016

When Love Arrives

When Love Arrives is the second book in Johnnie Alexander's Misty Willow series.  On the opening pages, you are introduced to the main characters of this book, Dani Prescott and Brett Somers. You soon learn that Dani is stalking Brett to gain information that she can use against him.  Dani's mother was the pilot of the plane that crashed years ago killing all aboard the plane, including Brett's parents.  Dani and Brett have had to cope with growing up without their parents.  After Dani hears Brett publicly blaming the crash on her mother, her goal in life becomes reaching out and publicly humiliating Brett Somers himself!

When Dani is secretly taking pictures of Brett outside a children's hospital in Columbus, Ohio, Brett suddenly asks Dani to join him at a local movie theater; and you have no idea what events will follow.  Before you know it, Dani becomes more involved with Brett's life than you ever would have imagined.  When Dani uncovers a secret that could ruin Brett's reputation, you have no idea what she will do.  Brett has just learned that he has a sick child behind the walls of that hospital!

How will Brett respond when he finally learns who Dani's mother is?  How will Dani react when it appears that Brett is literally turning his back on her?  Watch as both Brett and Dani must learn to trust in their awesome God to lead them through this rough patch in both of their lives!

I received this book from Revell in exchange for my unbiased review.