November 8, 2016

If Ever I Would Leave You

If Ever I Would Leave You is the prequel to Susan May Warren's recent series entitled A Montana Rescue.  On the opening pages. you meet two of the main characters of this tale, Sierra Rose and Ian Shaw.  You will see them again on the pages of the following books in this series.  It is interesting to watch as their relationship develops from one book to the next!

You get an inside look at Ian's relationship with his niece and ward, Esme.  While Ian is expecting Esme to be preparing to leave for college, he finds that she has run away with her not-so-reliable boyfriend, Dante.  Ian is afraid that Esme is either lost or injured on the trails of the Glacier National Park!

Watch the Peak Rescue Unit begin to form as so many in town are attempting to locate these two young people.  You will also see where this moment of crisis is taking the relationship between Sierra and Ian.  Hang on for the rocky ride!