November 14, 2016

The Silent Songbird

On the opening pages of The Silent Songbird, the latest from Melanie Dickerson, you will meet Evangeline.  The king of England is Evangeline's guardian and she must marry whomever he chooses for her; unfortunately, Lord Shiveley, the man whom the king has selected, makes the young Evangeline shiver in fear. She has heard the rumors that this lord killed his first wife!!

When the king and Lord Shiveley suddenly arrive at the castle, Evangeline quickly makes plans to flee as soon as possible.  As Evangeline and her companion, Muriel, leave the castle, they join up with a small group of men traveling to their home town of Glynval.  Muriel tells the leader of this group,Westley le Wyse, that she and Evangeline are looking for work; however, she keeps quiet about the fact that Evangeline is pretending to be mute to hide the fact that she is really the king's ward!

In spite of having to work as a common laborer, Evangeline soon feels right at home in Glynva.  Her positive feelings grow even stronger the more time she spends with Westley.  Evangeline even steps in to save Westley's life, when his childhood friend knocks him out and leaves him to drown!

This tale is filled with so much action.  You will not believe where these characters end up by the final pages!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review.