December 11, 2016

Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful is the latest holiday novella by Susan May Warren.  This tale is part of the Montana Fire series.  You will meet up with CJ St. John and Hannah Butcher as they are training to join a team of smokejumpers and you will see that through hard work, they are soon added to the group.  When the plane, that is transporting the team to fight a fire literally falls from the sky, many of the team are severely injured.  CJ, himself, is left amongst the wreckage, with a broken pelvis and fighting to stay alive!

After Hannah fights with everything she has to keep him warm and to keep the wolves at bay, CJ promises her that, if they are rescued,  they will dance at their friends upcoming wedding!  Once they are rescued, CJ does not know for sure if he has the strength and the willpower to go through a physical recovery again.  He had already had to learn to walk again after he was thrown from a bull and left to recover from a broken tailbone.  After failing at both bullriding and smokejumping, CJ does not know where to turn his focus for his future!

When Hannah turns up, at his family's ranch, to literally force CJ to attend their friends wedding with her, you will not believe the events that await them.  Both Hannah and CJ will have to trust in their God to bring them through a situation that will bring them to the end of their own abilities!