December 3, 2016

One Enchanted Eve

In Melissa Tagg's latest Christmas novella, One Enchanted EveRylan Jefferson, the instructor at the Denver Culinary Institute, must suddenly call 911. One of her students, Colin Renwycke, has accidentally set the classroom on fire!

Rylan has been looking for an opportunity to kick Colin out of her class; however, after Chef Potts, the owner of the school, seems to approve of Colin's variation to his assignment of "Baked Alaska," Rylan begins to have second thoughts about taking such an action.  Before you know it, Rylan has accepted Colin's offer to help her create an outstanding dish that could open the door for her to run her own kitchen!

Before you know it, Rylan and Colin are heading out to Colin's hometown of Maple Valley, Iowa.  As Rylan and Colin settle in and begin trying to develop a new dish for her, Rylan soon learns that Colin's family relationships are in dire shape.  When Colin's brother Drew suddenly returns from his honeymoon, these two brothers almost instantly get into a fist fight!

The One Enchanted Eve's story line follows Melissa's previous novella, One Enchanted Christmas, which told the story of Colin's brother, Drew.  Hang on to see where Rylan and Colin, as well as his entire family, end up by the final pages of this latest tale!