December 26, 2014

Here To Stay

In Melissa Tagg's latest book, Here to Stay, you will meet Autumn Kingsley and Blake Hunziker.

Autumn is ready to leave her hometown of Whisper Shore to live and work in Paris, France: a place where she has always dreamed of living.  Blake is returning home to Whisper Shore, after four years of running, following his brother's tragic death.

Autumn and Blake team up to put on the town's annual Christmas festival.  Blake has agreed to help Autumn repair her inn, in hopes she can sell it.  Autumn will help Blake prepare for and put on Whisper Shore's festival, in hopes that people will gladly welcome him back to town after his past misdeeds!

God is at work in both of their lives both to heal past hurts and to grow new dreams!

This was an enjoyable read.  I was touched by the storyline about how Blake deals with the circumstances surrounding his brother's death.