December 6, 2014

The Secret of Pembrooke Park

The Secret of Pembrooke Park, the latest novel by Julie Klaseen, is a story that will keep you turning page after page!

You meet Abigail Foster on page one and feel like you are friends by the end of the book.  Abigail is determined to help her father restore her family's standing, after he suffered great financial loss, because he followed her investment advice.  She helps her father decide to lease an old family home that has not been occupied in 18 years.

Once Abigail and her father arrive at Pembrooke Park, the questions and mystery of the place begin almost immediately.  Why did this family leave with their tea cups still filled with tea?  Abigail comes across questions at every turn!

Enjoy the ride as Abigail attempts to discover everything the secret of Pembrooke Park involves!

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my unbiased review.