December 11, 2014

One December Night

The recent novella , One December Night, by Melissa Tagg, was an interesting journey to take with a very disillusioned librarian!

Pennilynn Baxter is not quite sure what step to take next in her life.  She thinks her boyfriend,Graham, of two years might be ready to propose; but, instead of going on a date with him, Penn decides to travel to the house she inherited from her grandparents to check out a rumor that someone is squatting on her property!

As Penn enters the house alone, she runs smack into the squatter!  After demanding that the man immediately vacate her premises, Penn finds that this man seems to know too much about her.  Next the story takes an interesting twist.  After Penn learns that this intruder's name is Will, she seems to be slowly becoming friends with this man! 

When Penn finally discovers that Graham hired Will to prepare the house for a future sale, she knows what the next step in her life needs to be: saying goodbye to her boyfriend of 2 years!

This short story leaves you wanting to read the sequel when it comes out to learn how exactly Penn and Will's relationship ends up!