February 16, 2016

An Arrangement of Sorts

An Arrangement of Sorts, written by Rebecca Connolly, tells the tale of Moira Dennison in her attempt to locate her long-lost fiance, Charles Allenford.  When Moira learns that Nathaniel Hammond is known for his knack in finding lost things and more importantly, lost people, she loses no time in tracking him down!

Soon Moira and Nathaniel are in a mad dash across England in search of Charles.  Moira thinks that Nathaniel is merely a day laborer; however, Nathaniel is keeping it a secret that he is actually the Earl of Everton!

There are many more secrets to discover as Moira and Nathaniel continue their search.  You will be surprised by all you learn by the end of this tale!

Rebecca Connelly is a new author to me.  Throughout the first half of the book, I found the reading rather laborious; however, by the second half, the words seemed to fly off the pages!  If you have the patience for the slow start, this book is definitely worth the read!