February 1, 2016

Kissed by a Cowboy

It is fun to catch up with the three Monahan brothers in Kissed by a Cowboy.  This book is the final tale in Debra Clopton's  Four of Heart Ranch series.

On the opening pages, you meet Cassidy Starr as she is returning to the house she inherited from her aunt Roxie. As Cassidy arrives in the dead of night, her truck is literally running on fumes.  When her truck suddenly dies, Cassidy has no key to get into the house and no light to help her locate another entrance.  As Cassidy attempts to crawl in through the doggie door, her blue jeans become stuck on something sharp and suddenly, she is going nowhere!

The person who comes to Cassidy's rescue is none other than Jarrod Monahan.   Something had occurred between these two years ago that left Cassidy feeling rejected by Jarrod; therefore, he is the last man that Cassidy has any desire to ever set eyes on again!  After a recently failed marriage, Cassidy's life has not gone well and she is hoping this new home will change her life for the better.  However, when she realizes that the house that she has inherited is located next door to Jarrod's ranch, Cassidy finds it difficult to avoid crossing paths with him!

Will Cassidy be free to focus on her dream of building an organic farm on her new property, as well as setting up a B&B in her aunt's house or will she be pulled back into Jarrod's life as he attempts to save his family's ranch by discovering who is taking off with their cattle in the dark of night?  This is an interesting journey as you watch Jarrod and Cassidy try to decide whether they can become friends again or if it will turn into something more!

I received this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for my unbiased review