February 13, 2016

Change of Heart

On the opening pages of Change of Heart, written by Courtney Walsh, you meet Evelyn Brand as she is preparing for a society luncheon.  Evelyn is barely keeping it together in the midst of these catty women in her home when the doorbell begins ringing.  Two FBI agents are suddenly standing face-to-face with Evelyn at her front door!

Evelyn cannot believe it when she learns that her husband, the up-and-coming Colorado senator, Christopher Brand, is being arrested for embezzlement!  Evelyn does not know which way to turn; however, she is so thankful when Trevor Whitney shows up on the scene to whisk her away.  Trevor is a former friend of both Evelyn and Christopher, who has stayed away since they married.  Evelyn is not the only one who does not know which way to turn, Trevor has also spent years trying to hide the unresolved feelings he has for Evelyn!

When Evelyn learns that her husband has also been involved with other women, both before and throughout their marriage, she must stop and take a hard look at who she presently is and who she wants to become.  After Evelyn becomes shunned by the public at large, it seems her only true friends are Trevor and the philanthropic group, the Valentine Volunteers!  Between these two sources, Evelyn slowly seems to find herself again as she walks through the rubble her life has become!

Will Evelyn end up following her long-lost dream of becoming a great artist, or will she finally discover the love that Trevor has had for her all of these years?  It is interesting to see which road Evelyn will chose, or if God has even bigger plans to bring both to fruition!

 I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review