March 5, 2016

The Hearts We Mend

You will meet Evie Bennett on the opening pages of Kathryn Springer's latest novel, The Hearts We Mend.  Evie has just left a celebration for her son Cody's up and coming wedding and is finishing up some last minute preparations for the big day, when she is surprised to run into a stranger in the darkened church!

Jack Vale is temporarily filling in for the custodian at the church where Evie is also employed, so this means she will be running into him on quite a frequent basis.  Following Cody's wedding, Evie is having trouble filling up the hours in her days.  Soon her time will fill up with more activities involving Jack than she ever expected!  Evie, who lost her husband, Max, to a fire years ago, is not quite sure what to think of this tattooed man who seems to be from a much tougher world than she has been exposed to.  As Evie and Jack seem to be moving past being just acquaintances, neither one knows where these new feelings will lead!

This is an interesting tale to see how God can can bring two people together who come from totally different worlds!

I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review